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MSNBC's Harris-Perry Doubles Down on Communist Ads: Fox News Women Respond

John5103 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 6:52 PM
This is the Obama era, so these arrogant tyrants feel emboldened to actually come right out and say the outrageous garbage they believe instead of pretending liberalism is not as outrageous as it is. This is exactly what all liberal elites believe, including Obama. She's only unique in the sense of stepping up to be their foolhardy spokesman. We should use her as the posterchild for what true liberalism represents. Let's make this ugly, repulsive, tyrannical truth stick to all the liberal elites, especially the Marxist in Chief, Comrade Obama. They're handing us their head on a silver platter, we should TAKE IT.

Over the last few weeks Melissa Harris [insert hyphen] Perry has earned herself a hat trick. First she refered to a baby in the womb as a "thing," then she declared that our things children belong to the state, now she is proclaiming that we have a right to free healthcare, free education, free housing, and free food at all times.

The Fox News women had a thing or three to say about this--including the Democrat: