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Colorado Democrat: Use a Ballpoint Pen to Fight a Gunman

John5103 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 7:25 PM
Well there you go. There's a counterargument to every argument, and he made it, even though it was insane. That's not the problem. The problem is that he's trying to mandate his insanity on everyone else. Let's all do it our own way. Us sane people are free to defend ourselves with guns, and he and his insane ilk are free to defend themselves by waiting through the first round of murders for the reload, hoping the reload takes a long time, jumping into the line of fire, and stabbing with pens. I would relish the opportunity for the kids to experience the crossfire because at least they'll SURVIVE.

I touched on this yesterday but it's worth mentioning again. Recently, Colorado Democrat Jessie Uliberri argued people should defend themselves against a madman shooter with.... ballpoint pens.

Two things wrong with this. The first being that Uliberri argues people should waiting until a crazy person reloads before taking action, or in other words, wait until they are done shooting people. The use of a firearm for defense in this case wouldn't require a waiting period but rather would stop a madman from continuing his rampage. The second, ballpoint pens?...

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