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Obama Blames Oil Manipulators; Who are the Real Manipulators?

John478 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 8:19 AM
The true "bandits" are states that impose outrageous taxes on each gallon of fuel. The oil companies would drool to make the amount per gallon many states add in taxes. It is understandable that maintenance on highways has to be funded. Where does funding begin and outright thievery begin? I know for a fact the state where I currently reside makes over 10 times more than the company that searches for oil, drills, refines, transports and delivers gasoline makes for a profit. I ask again, who is the bandit?

The US and European embargo of Iranian oil is one of the factors behind the stubbornly high price of crude, trumping the huge slump in petroleum demand in the US. Although Iranian oil exports are down 33%, Iran is on a course for its third largest oil-related earnings ever. Thus, the primary beneficiary of high oil prices is Iran.

Rather than blame himself for the absurdity of the situation, president Obama blames oil speculators.

High Oil Prices Shield Iran From Sanctions

The Financial Times reports High Oil Prices Shield Iran From Sanctions.

The Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES), a...

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