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So what do you want to do John? Go to war with Russia over what was once their territory? Get your head out of your a$$! Better yet - retire!
Call it whatever you wish...electing Obama not once but twice was an exercise in stupidity.
Congressman Moron (yes I did say Moron, not Moran) you are lucky we don't send you a bill! You take, I did not say earn, $175K per year at the tax payer's expense plus all you can wheel and deal from that office. If I were you I'd shut the pie hole and be happy before your constituents who earn far less on average get wise to your scam and shut you down.
Connecticut is the Tax you to death state. It's unreal! When my wife died I had to go through probate simply to justify the fact that I had paid the mortgage on my home for the previous15 years. The cost for probate $4200.00. What a load! Ya gotta love lawyers and the way they can steal your money legally.
Personally I couldn't care less if Larry wants to wed Harry. If it makes them happy, so be it. I however do not and never will subscribe to the belief that marriage is anything but the union of one man and one woman. One of the tenets of marriage is to procreate and bear children. Can Mary and Sally or Harry and Larry do that? Obviously not! I have no idea why this has turned into such a huge issue. Bob 570 is correct. Many in America seem to be waist deep in advancing same sex marriage in spite of the fact that the majority does not agree. How does advancing a minority belief not squash the right of the majority who hold an opposing view?
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The Left's Evolving Hierarchy of Rights

John478 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 7:36 AM
"Liberals", I use the word guardedly, are the socialists in America and are the least tolerant among us. They despair the word Nazi but replicate their every move unrestrained. Anyone who disagrees with them can expect death blow after death blow until they fall in line with the script.
Judges are not employed to agree with voter's opinions or beliefs. Their job is to interpret written law and put forth a ruling on that law. Judges are intended to be neutral in political belief when contemplating those rulings. When they line up with one side or another in a debate over law the country loses and we up in turmoil. their job is to an arbiter, not a God.
Chckie and Harry are worried that more people might actually have. Just listen to them howl. That isn't good if you happen to be a liberal Democrat.
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