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I will never believe another word in Rolling Stone Magazine again.
Greenpeace has always been a maggot organization. They are not real big on thinking. When I was in the Navy in the late 1980s my ship was docked in Spain and they were protesting our presence and the possibility we had nuclear weapons on board. Well their protest soon turned violent and the police had move in and arrest the punks.
I agree that there were points like that where this chick quite un-necessarily straddled when the simple facts were clear and no straddle makes sense. The jury was literally in and there was a mountain of evidence and testimony that all back up the cop.
She doesn't know if the shooting was justified? Is she headless? Still she made the point about the media complaining about the militarization of the police then they complain about the lack of such in the second wave of looting and burnings. That is a damn good point that I have not heard before. I was thinking the same thing.
Polls can change a lot in the next few years. Still one would think that her old home of Arkansas should be in column. If she can't count on it, than she does have problems.
So I went to considerable trouble to watch this expecting it to be the promised "hilarious" and I thought he fell flat. And I will make a point of writing that jerk from Maine that he should not have strung poor Mary along right up to the last minute like he did. I am glad this senator is on her way out but still that is no way to treat a lady.
The writer should have deleted everything before this statement "For example, if we intend to repeal Obamacare, the last thing we should do is start trying to change the law to make it more viable. Not only would “fixing” some of the more onerous parts of the law make it much less likely that it will be repealed, it gives Republicans partial ownership of an albatross around the neck of the Democrat Party." That's when he won me over. The previous junk was just junk. I think our leaders know they have to start putting legislation on 0bama's desk. I don't think they need to be lectured on that point.
Wait, what about rural left-handed transvestites? Did Davis lose them too? I want a recount!
Even Ann Coulter says we got to tolerate a few RINOs in order to rack up a majority. I personally have decided to vote for a State Senator candidate who responsible for kicking me of the Town Committee and who has complained about fiscal conservatives ruining the party. True he is a RINO but we need the damn seat.
True, but there are less RINOs than there used to be.
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