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10 Gun Myths Debunked

John4694 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 12:08 PM
As always most post-mortems are usually open to interpretation,and more often than not there is never a satisfactory interpretation reached. History will in time answer the question of the results of an incident. And anything other than that is simply opinion, not truly the facts.
Iwpuld like to have someone tell me of something positive that the Senate has done in the last 4 years. And if you refere to the Obamacare (known as the Affortable Care Act) as something important then I will have to assume that you are a Democrat, Ignorant, not to well infomed and you voted for that clown we ave as our Preident. There are a lot more derogative remarks I can make about Obama and his cadre, but I don't think that the site would give me enough space.
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The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent

John4694 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:45 AM
It's a mental deficiency all liberal seem to have it.
Its not the down and out Millionaires who you disparage but the Unions you should be challenging. Excessive wages and benefits do not come out of the millionaires pockets, but those who buy the products or services by having to pay mire. You thinking is a little convoluted Doctor Roy. And if I were not so old I would volunteer as a substitute for Mr. Ransom in your challenge, because he is correct in his dissertation.
Who tells the truth about an outdated form of thuggery ( Unionism ) and they have clowns like Castaldo who try and intimidate anyone who tells the truth about OUTDATED UNIONISM with threats of violence. They act just like the government, stealing from some one to achieve their ends which is POWER over someone. In this case it is the employer instead of the individual.
Not just stupid Republicans but stupid politicians. The left is the party that will destroy our country.
But he had the illegal object, and that was a crime that should require prosecution. No exceptions should be allowed.
Come on jaxxie, get real. Obama is all of the things that you mentioned in you comment. He is a proven LIAR, CHEATER, MARXIST,COMMUNIST DESTROYER OF AMERICA, But you left out SOCIALIS, NARCISSIST, AMATEUR-IN-CHIEF and a downright DISHONEST PERSON.. He is the biggest farce ever to wear the title of President of these United States. And it is all because of people like you who have no sense of reality, And who voted for this excuse of a man.
He says, If the Republicans would just take the offer I gave them. This is an example of Obama's COMPROMISE. His arrogance is beyond belief. And the A$$ kissing of his interviewer speaks for itself.
And I would.
It's to bad that the store owner didn't have a gun. Then maybe there would have been one less creep that thinks that if they want something then they should take it.
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