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forgive the misspelling in the previous comment.
Hail LtScrounge, another another Satanist, that has no idea what constitues right or wrong. Anyone who would like the Democrats over the Republicans has to be lasking common sence.
Some would call this a simple exageration. But in truth it is just another of Obama's many lies. And he is so arrogrant that he assumes that if he thinks that a person is qualified then that person should be automatically confermed. Those who question him are called obstructionists playing politics. After all in his estimate he is the president and he feel that his opinion is beyond reproach.
Another thing that has beenn brought forward by the liberals. The proliferation of discusting and degrading speach. Illustrated above.
You can bet your A$$ that the command to step down came from the white, and who do you think is ion charge there?
Here we go again a so called senior Senator dismisses the so called junior Senator as being perhaps incompetent to understand something that they have not participated in.This arfrogrance is prevelent with the so called old guard, and it is way past the time to inform them that their vote doesn't count any more than the vote of the junior Senator.
This represents the thinking of Planned Pafenthood. Notice that she said we, when the question was asked. This should be enough to discontinue any federal dollars going to Planned Parenthood with one agenda Planned Abortion. How can they be called a parerthood organization when their obvious intent is to assure that the patient recieve an abortion, disregarding the thought that they could have the choice beyween being a parent or being another victim for their abortions agenga.
This is a hell of a great suggestion. Now all we need is for the sheriffs with enough gonads to impliment this.
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10 Gun Myths Debunked

John4694 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 12:08 PM
As always most post-mortems are usually open to interpretation,and more often than not there is never a satisfactory interpretation reached. History will in time answer the question of the results of an incident. And anything other than that is simply opinion, not truly the facts.
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