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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate ATF

John4571 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 10:11 AM
Might consider shrinking the EPA and the useless Dept. of Education. Many Federal agencies could have their jobs done by States. If the people of the states don't want the "services" they are in a position to get rid on them. Not so easy with useless, phony Federal porn watching lifetime employed Union slugs.
Democrats have lost their collective hive minds. first Schumer says welfare is better then work because it allows a client to live up to their potential while living off the taxpayers. Now the Press sec. goes on national TV and says a document about Benghazi gotten under FOIL is NOT really about Benghazi. So did State misunderstand the document that was TWICE submitted, once redacted to the House, and a second time to Judicial Watch, as a Benghazi document is not in fact about Benghazi. Where does Alice in Wonderland fit into this stew pot?
I think you have hit the nail on the head. The Democratic Party has turned into a classic HATE GROUP. Attacking citizens who don't "believe" in their many wrongheaded programs and policies. Gun advocates are deemed "dangerous" and their names and addresses listed in newspapers like criminals. Global warming "non-believers" are now being assailed as people who should be investigated and possible arrested. Michael Moore wants GM employees murdered by the state for what might or might not have been a an intentionally faulty part. The MSM says nothing and he is still taken seriously by them. It just goes on and on with these fanatical haters who use politics as a cover for their sick approach to controlling others.
This is the Alinsky way. Demonize, isolate and attack personally regardless of the individuals character. This method has been perfected over the years and Obama used it many times to get ahead. Hillary is a proud student of this "community organizer" who was in fact the originator of the "personally" destroy method of politics. The MSM has become the tool of the liberals in cutting down anyone who gets in the way of "progressivism." Ms Palin was a great example of their "overkill" method. She might not have been up to speed on many things but the voters would have seen and decided for themselves what she was about. They never got the chance since she was targeted, isolated, and mercilessly attacked over and over while 57 states and many more gaffes Obama was hailed as the smartest person ever elected. Yeah sure!!
Harry Reid mounts most of his attacks from the floor of the Senate where he can't be sued. He is a gutless coward and a lying SOB who gets away with anything since the MSM runs cover for him and Obama. I truly hope that every rotten thing he has said and done comes back to him in spades. No person in this country deserves bad karma more then this disgusting excuse for a person.
It should be interesting when all those millions of lying Americans don't vote for Democrats in November. Will that be imaginary? When the Senate goes Republican will that be faked? There has NEVER been a meaner more disgusting group of political low lives then the current crop of Liberal Democrats. Whatever sewer coughed them up will hopefully accept them back in November. Harry Reid and slime bucket Obama are the leaders and worst offenders. The little characterless elected officials just seem to be following their leaders.
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Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob

John4571 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 11:23 AM
Make the "choice?" Do rich women engage in prostitution? Rich men like Bob the Boob "hiring" destitute women to engage is sex acts really makes it all okay. Guess if you are a Democrat. They love the word choice when in fact these choices are dictated by circumstances and are not choices at all.
"Pay your fair share" is the most open ended phrase ever in tax policy. Everyone looks NOT at the rich but at the guy living a bit better they he/she is. Who defines "fair share?" The government will be calling that shot. They themselves are NEVER fair and act on political pressures of the moment. Many of the so called non workers think it is very fair that their neighbor works while they sit home and collect checks and food stamps. Obama seems to think that too since his government advertises for new "clients" to claim their entitlements of money, food stamps and cell phones. Nothing will ever be fair to these individuals.
I think the Liberal press ran to Fl. and spent millions and millions re-counting votes. Well do you remember what these knights in shinning armor found. It was BUSH WON!!
No the biggest laugh is the State of Florida. Can't run an election that is not RIGHTLY contested. So if in fact the West/Murphy election was stolen and votes tampered with it is okay. My guess if your candidate LOST the screams for a re-count would be heard in Key West. Is their any brain activity within the political world? Or just morons waving big rubber fingers screaming "we're number one" while mindlessly repeating some talking point or another. Oh I forgot it is a sporting event to distract idiots from the actual world.
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