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President Bill Clinton vs. Gov. Scott Walker and Me

John4277 Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 1:17 PM
This is a senseless recall by whining liberals, union thugs, and occupiers. They are usurping the general election process and disrupting government business. Walker could have created more jobs if not for the fact he has had to dispense time for campaigning again. If Walker were to lose, Wisconsin people would again see higher taxes, higher unemployment and the deficits would return from the democrats spending frenzies and expanding government. Poor teachers now have to contribute 5% to their pensions/healthcare insurance and crying about it. They could easily make that some of that up by terminating themselves from the union and saving the $1000/year in dues.

Wisconsin Democrats, Washington elite and insiders, and liberal special interests have joined together to fight for the recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday's election. But this past Friday, when I saw them also send in the big gun -- former President Bill Clinton himself -- against Gov. Walker, I knew I had to enter the ring, too.

The Los Angeles Times reported last Thursday: "Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Thursday that Clinton would be campaigning with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as he looks to unseat Gov. Scott Walker in next week's recall. The former president will take...