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Giving billions of dollars of foreign aid to Egypt makes me want to vomit vigorously. This is a country now controlled by The Muslim Brotherhood and no longer our ally. They have been killing Christians and hate all Infidels. The foreign aid money does not buy us friends (anyone read "The Ugly American"?) and the taxpayers money would be better served with jobs creation or debt reduction here in America.
With availability of the so-called morning after pill surgical abortions should be outlawed. These late term abortions are especially horrendous as the baby has already been completely formed and is alive and kicking in the womb. Roe vs Wade has allowed over 60 million babies to be murdered. Our culture is now worse than Sodom & Gomorrah ever was. This has a lot to do with our country's anti-religion trend.
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Trouble in the Nanny State

John4277 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 6:25 PM
Right on Ann. An unwed teen who smokes at a landfill is better off than an unwed teen mom.
I liked his comments and the camera man did a good job. She is a beautiful women and the comments were justifiable. The game was getting boring and that helped to lighten it up. Apologize for what????
Obama has condemned word usages that denegrate the Muslim prophet but is ok with the anti-Christian rhetoric and slights on Jesus. He has proven that he is a Muslim with his words and his actions. He has pretended to be Christian in order to garner votes, but he is a Marxist Muslim who is destroying our culture and economy....and our freedom.
Romney failed to attack Obama and, like McCain, let the Dems do the attacking. Romney's biggest failure was his 3rd debate where he acted Wussy and agreed with Obama on a number if issues. When he did bring up the Bengazi incident the moderator cut in with untruths and Romney appeared taken aback and did not have facts put together to offset what the moderaator and Obama had said re; Obama saying it was a terrorist act. Romney should have been armed with the facts but wasn't prepared to continue. Obama needed a tongue lashing, but Romney failed to deliver. Ginrich would have fared much better in those debates that cost Romney the election.
According to Chinese records, there were supernova – or “guest stars” as the Chinese described them – that appeared in the sky right around the time when Jesus may have been born, in 4 and 5 BCE. But the fact that there’s a possible scientific explanation to what the Magi saw, doesn’t mean to Grosse that the event loses its transcendence. “The symbolism is apparent. A small clear light, on a cold dark night, in a sometimes cold and dark world, leads the wise to the message of Jesus. The message tells us to love each passenger who journeys with us on this small, fragile, planet Earth.”
The star of Bethlehem was researched by the top astronomers and found that particular star was aligned over Bethlehem on the night that Jesus was born. The alignment occurred on or around December 25th which was adjusted for the Julian calendar we now use. That particular alignment occurrence is extremely rare.
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Romney Was Not the Problem

John4277 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 3:54 PM
The 3rd debate killed him when the moderator interceded for Obama re: the embassy attack. Rush Limbaugh added to Romney's loss of women voters with his dumb rant on Fluke. Lack of Latino support (should have chosen Rubio as his running mate) and the timing of the hurricane finished him off. Sad day for America.
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John4277 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:48 PM
Robert's' vote on ObamaCare helped Obama win this election. Rush Limbaugh's tirade on Fluke helped Obama win this election. If Romney had chosen Rubio he would have carried Florida handily which would have allowed Romney to spend more time courting Ohio, Virginia and orher swing states. Rubio also would have enabled many more Latino votes across the nation. Romney keeping silent on the Benghazi cover-up during the final two weeks of the campaign kept the media from making it an issue and helped Obama win the election. The last debate also helped Obama win this election as Romney was just too nice and failed to capitalize on Benghazi and other scandals.
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GOP Turns Sure Victory into Defeat

John4277 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:27 PM
I agree with this post 100%. Romney played it safe by not attacking Obama on a lot of issues, particularly with the Bengazi cover-up, Fast & Furious scandal, Solyndra and others from Obama's false promises of 2008. The Dems caused the housing crisis, but Romney let Obama continue to blame Bush. Bush began the bailout for the auto industry, but let Obama take full credit and did not talk about the non-union people who lost their pensions. Romney lost for many reasons including Justice Roberts' decision to legalize Obamacare when he had the vote to end it. His poor pick for VP, Ryan, antagonized many people for his tough stance on cost-cutting. He couldn't even pick up his home state of Wisconsin. Rubio would have been the smart choice.
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