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Amnesty is an affront to those waiting for and applying for US citizenship. Illegal means illegal. If someone from the US entered Mexico illegally they would be tossed in jail with no questions asked. Obama continues to override states rights (and our constitution) as all of the states and the high percentage of people are against amnesty
A typical Hollywood remark from a no-nothing dufus
Is this guy for real??? More than disgusting.
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The "Jobs for Jihad Delinquents" Program

John4277 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 3:07 PM
Obama's solution to defeating Muslim terrorists is to give them jobs. How much Kool-aid has he been drinking? This may be called the 'Liberal Way', but the opposite of what former POTUS Reagan would do or the King of Jordan. Obama has become the laughing stock of the world and it just keeps getting worse each day.
It's no wonder why the world is losing respect for our country when our President & First Lady appear on low-life shows like Fallon's as 'guests'. I can't imagine any of our previous Presidents (except Clinton) lowering themselves like this. Can you picture FDR, JFK, Reagan, Bush, Truman, Eisenhower, etc. on this type of show??? The only real laughs Obama and Michelle are getting are probably from Putin and leaders from our other enemies...but they are mocking and derisive at best.
She does not support our constitution. That's all we need is another 11MM people getting benefits. She is a clone of Obama/Holder and should be denied the AG position. The GOP needs to get some balls and reject her nomination.
Dish has eliminated Fox News recently. Their CEO is a big Obama donor go figure.
The Marxist Obama's are race-baiters of the first degree and cater to the Sharpton/Jackson Ferguson protesters.
I could not have said this better.
How stupid can a person be! She is a scumbag.
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