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How stupid can a person be! She is a scumbag.
I am getting sick of all the media craz re: Ray Rice. NFL now has a rule calling for a 6 game suspension for 1st abuse, yet Rice is now suspended indefinitely even though it his 1st offense. His wife (then his fiance) has obviously forgiven him. Even though the punch shown on the video was brutal, but she did not have any broken bones. Both were arguing and both were intoxicated at the time. The judge who saw the video allowed him to serve a probation and afterwards the battery would be purged from his record if he did not get into any more trouble. To show this video repeatedly on the internet and public media is a disgrace to continually humiliate both Rice and his wife. Enough is enough. I'm sure that TMZ is reaping rewards for exposing the video. It is not like this guy is a murderer, but a single-time punch is now the cause for his ouster from the team and the NFL. The penalties do not fit the crime IMO.
Obama has absolutely no business involving state/local criminal proceedings. When he stated that Treyvon could have been his kid it may have appeased blacks, but actually it aroused the black community to violence and threats. Same with Brown. Between Obama, Holder & the 'Reverand' Sharpton they all perpetuated the protests and violence that occured in Ferguson (and throughout the country) without concern for the actual facts. The only 'hands-up' witness was Brown's fellow robber who has since recanted his story.
Hangem High!
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A Bridge Too Far-Fetched

John4277 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 5:19 PM
If Christie decides to run for President he should run as a Democrat. He exemplifies RINO.
Liberal judges are destroying our culture, and arbitrarily over-riding states rights.
There will always be crazy people out there that have not been diagnosed. Some of these crazies are in Obama's administration. I blame the mass murders on our eroding culture where it's ok to buy video games where killing is winning and the prohibition of prayers in schools and public places is a no-no and anti-religion trend continues. Also the eroding of the American family institution with divorces and single parents now in vogue.
Another bum incompetent as Sec of State
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ObamaCare Limits Patient Choice

John4277 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 3:09 PM
Sarah Palin was dead-on when she mentioned 'death-panels'. More people will die due to the lack of choices given ObamaCare, while premier hospitals and expert doctors will no longer accept Medicaid and ObamaCare patients. The low reimbursements to hospitals and doctors for given medical treatments are set by Obama admistration and amounts to death penalties to many of the elderly and to those needed specialized treatment for cancer and other such fatal diseases.
We all know that the ACLU is a satan-based communist organization intent on destroying Christianity in our country. We need a strong leader to stand up to this anti-religion trend - certainly not our Muslim President nor the liberal communist media nor the liberal communist judges.
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