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Truly. They are embarrassing.
If the only Black people I had ever seen or heard were the members of the Black Caucus, I would hate them all. These turds lie and cheat, and try to suppress the White vote. Like their use of the Black Panthers and voter fraud in Philadelphia. . They lied about the Tea Party gathering, where they purposely walked en masse, through the demonstration, and claimed that they were spat upon and called Ni**er. Breitbart offered a reward of $100,00 to anyone who could prove that charge, and we are still waiting. The Democrat advisers and activists that appear on TV shows repeat the slander.
Thank you Trey. Liberals and leftist professors who run nearly all the colleges and universities wilt when facing this kind of light shown on their pathetic views and disturbing integrity. They can't even put together a cogent sentence. What's worse, they don't see a problem with using the governmental agencies like the IRS, FBI, EPA, Dept Of Fish And Game, to wage war on people whose views they don't like or who just get in their way. Not only do they not see a problem with it, but are unapologetic and continue. God help us.
This is so instructive and would be funny if it were not so pathetic. The Leftists react to accusations of enforcement of Progressive Conformity by telling us how we need to conform or be destroyed.
Typical of a leftist to attack someone who has no influence on how he lives his life. If you are referring to Rush, his first wife divorced HIM because he was "too boring." Grow up.
Why are you running away from the freak show that is "gay pride" parades and their pedophile allies? This is how the homo/lesbian activists view their mission and expression of lifestyle. Why deny it? If you do not embrace these expressions, then you are a bigot/homophobe/sexist.
I see plenty of them now. Prez, congressmen (Elijah Cummings, to name but one, who uses his power and Leftist connections to Dear Leader to have groups attacked by the IRS, EPA, etc) and others too numerous to mention and have the tentacles of government work to destroy those who stand in the way. But, hey, you can't carry on a logical conversation with one. Like you. Go back under your rock, comrade.
Various "codes of conduct" and laws are routinely attacked by the Left and their judicial allies and prevented or declared "unconstitutional." Since when does the Left value "codes of behavior" as set forth by a private company? Rules are made to be broken and citizens who value their Constitution and freedoms, and recognize the (what you now call) heterosexual family unit as the bulwark against government tyranny deserve to be bullied, taunted and demonized in today's Obama's America. Go back to smoking your bong.
Was this his real reply to what happened? He referred to a "coalition" that he put together. Probably a coalition of Stalinists that don't think that the Constitution applies to people, only the government agencies' power to oppress people. Few Democrats respect the Constitution, let alone the First and Second Amendments. With the way the leftists bully, taunt and demonize others, I'm not surprised that a citizen "was removed."
Fantastic.A shining star in skewering what we used to call "The news media."
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