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Dear TX, As the post you replied to stated, it's Chicago, not Illinois overall. I have always said that when one city has an overwhelming percentage of the state's population, they should be separated from the state and become a Federal territory, with no state benefits and only limited federal benefits. I was born and raised in Illinois, but will not move back.
It's like that old saying that you can't post the 10 Commandments in a government building because it creates a hostile work environment.
Don't worry about it. I read it the way you meant it, not the way you wrote it, and then couldn't figure out this posting.
Well (re)written. I like it. But where is [SARC ON] and [SARC OFF]?
Why were those ICE agents who were not invited not there to arrest the illegals who were invited. Would have been an entertaining spectacle.
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Some Thoughts on “Lone Survivor”

John3839 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 10:43 AM
Nor will he FEEL that movie, nor any of the higher emotions (pride of country, love of fellow warriors, humility in the presence of heroes) associated with the self-sacrifice necessary to serve honorably.
Beautiful... Wish I had written this.
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Compromise In Politics? No, Confront

John3839 Wrote: Sep 30, 2013 7:55 AM
Mr. Right, I'm not sure that elections are the answer. I'm not sure that the turnout was so completely Progressive, although there is good arguments for that position. The preponderance of computer tabulating and voting, coupled with the union maintenance and programming, taken with the overwhelming Progressive victories, often unanimous (in some precincts with a total vote count even greater than the total population of the precinct, although I have not seen that verified, but sometimes anecdotal evidence is all there is), I believe the election was stolen. Hmm, first time I've stated it.
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