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In colonial Georgia, as the youngest colony was getting established, after a few years the local authorities in Savannah passed a law requiring that all males, a certain age and older, must carry a firearm to church every Sunday morning. You can guess why ..... The point is, back in the day, men expected men to arm themselves to protect themselves, and their fellow subjects = community. Now, even some conservatives have a hard time trusting the average neighbor with his own weapon in public.
Bumper Sticker out there, " Monika Lewinsky's Ex-Boy Friend's Wife For President". Says it all = Strumpets and Dishonest Lawyers Ruling the Nation, as america self-destructs. So sad.
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How Far Will the Fed Dope Dealers Go?

John3817 Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 7:30 AM
It isn't MaoBama and his thugs alone - it is and has been for decades the violent arm of the State's school systems. Both Partys have been Using the State to force "the ignorant masses" to be educated, to think for themselves Correctly, according to reality = the objective truth. This is a contradiction. Read A.J. Nock's " Isaiah's Job". Americans have become the worst kind of Slaves, the willful kind.
I believe that government schools are the corner stone on which the growing Atheistic State is based and then feeds itself from. Christians have no right to force others to get their children educated, as the Puritans thought in New England; and neither does the contemporary Atheistic State have that moral authority. How sad that most americans love to serve the State their children for breakfast , lunch, and dinner. ALL HAIL CAES ---, I mean THE STATE!!!
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Academic Cesspools

John3817 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 7:40 AM
The Long March of the Left and MaoBama all starts in the government school, in grade school through college. The idea that The State has the responsibility to teach = indoctrinate its subjects is a pagan idea. Willful Slavery to the State, in education, farming, now medicine. So sad.
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Random Thoughts

John3817 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 7:48 AM
Dear Fellow Dr. Sowell fans, please help me understand what the entry above is about regarding the " the good-looking woman from Berkley, ...... and her husband" ? I am not smart enough to get that one. Thanks so much.
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