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Romney Was Not the Problem

John3472 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 9:28 AM
captured 3 million more votes than your hero Mitt. Meanwhile Obama lost nearly 9 million votes. The fact remains that if Mitt had merely equaled McCain, we’d have won. But he didn’t, did he? Based on the numbers, neither side was enamored with their choice. This was a fact that Romney failed to capitalize on. Mitt had the ground game in place, the grass roots organization, the funding, the experience as a Governor… the only thing the Romney campaign had that they should not have had was Mitt himself. Swing state after swing state fell as the night went on and it became very apparent that the most important election of our time which should have been the easiest to win, was not to be. *pt2*
True Conservative! Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 9:48 AM
Your numbers are ... wrong. Now that the final vote tallies are available Romney had more votes than McCain!

Small minds always leap to the answers given the last time around, which is probably why Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected. But the last time is not necessarily the same as this time. A terrorist attack is not the same as the Cold War, a war in Afghanistan is not the same as a war in Iraq, and Mitt Romney is not the same as John McCain or Bob Dole.

But since the election, many conservatives seem to be coalescing around the explanation for our defeat given by Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, who said: "What we...