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And your earlier post does.This has nothing to do with punishing anyone ,it has everything to do with life is a gift and precious
Maybe you should try to follow the trial of the late term abortion doctor in Philly to see how often it does happen ,just because the media will not report on it does not mean it does not happen .So if your choice is life how is that anti choice.By your logic pro-choice rally means pro abortion
Tinfoil hat ? So it just fine that the president you support railed against this to get elected but know its just fine.
I can understand the lack of understanding of our rights and laws by protesters but the total ignorance of our elected officials is pathetic.These folks have staff that could easily prepare them to actually know what the facts are .
If you believe in your freedoms then he is free to state what he feels .Part of having the first amendment is also the fact that you must tolerate what others say no matter how offensive .He is free to say what he wants as we are free to disagree.In order to have any rights we must accept all rights no matter what .Would I like to see him go ,for sure but can not demand it for what he says
Are all libs dopes like yourself.What the hell are you talking about .
I thought he ended the wars
Or the truth for that matter
So kind of in line with novice acting as president
Why should I have to pay for others
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