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Obama wants to punish the United States and this is how he goes about it, the man should be IMPEACHED and REMOVED or forced to resign. He is an absolute and total failure as president and a 100% success as a tin horn dictator.
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First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules

John338 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:46 AM
This disgusting woman should keep her mouth shut it is none of her business on a lighter note her butt is 4 ax handles wide, maybe she should practice what she preaches.
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Guns in the Home

John338 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:44 AM
He is right you can always beat an armed intruder with your little gun safe and you will lose every time. Guns and kids don't play well but if children are taught about guns at an early age you will not have problems. most people that have a gun don't teach their kids about them they just hide them. I have owned a firearm since I was 10 years old and I was taught about them and I always respected them. locking them all up defeats the purpose of self defense and is really dumb.
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Obama’s Scandal Playbook

John338 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 11:12 AM
step 5 draw articles of impeachment, step 6 convict, step 7 remove him, step 8 indict, step 9 convict, step 10 imprison. This is a 10 step program for obama.
Kalifornia used to be the home for fruits and nuts now they have infested Kolorado, what a shame.
The real issue is the turd in the white house and his war against the United States of America, this lying goof allows these infected, infested illegals into this country and tries to shove them down our throats. Its time for the lazy a-holes in congress to impeach this no good SOB.
Obama is aging really fast, he is starting to look more and more like his real father frank marshall davis, in other news he should be impeached and removed from office then indicted and imprison for his high crimes and misdemeanors.
we do not need nor do we want immigration reform, we want secure borders and we want the illegals sent back, there is a legal way to immigrate here, sneaking across the border is not it. We need to send all the immigration proponents to Mexico and let them live there.
Mcconnell and reid need to be sitting side by side in their cells in Leavenworth Kansas.
do*che-bag needs to be impeached, removed, indicted and imprisoned.
Nope not one red cent to these a-holes, this president is fking insane
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