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Nope not one red cent to these a-holes, this president is fking insane
He is a rotten no good white hating racist and those are his good points.
Chuck toad is one of obama's best butt buddies.
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SNAFU: Can Our Military Be Saved?

John338 Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 11:37 AM
I wonder how far the military is going to let this 1/2 white a-hole push them before they fight back?
This guy came off as a liar and dishonest, he should be cited for lying to congress. Where did obama find all of these incompitent lying gasbags, does the democRATic party have an Isle in Walmart devoted to trash.
I am ashamed that we have people like this ignorant thing on the Supreme Court.
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Army: Bergdahl shifted to outpatient care

John338 Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:19 PM
This scumbag belongs in Leavenworth not in a hospital, he needs to face a firing squad. Obama is a friggen piece of human excrement
meanwhile president el-turdo walks around with his head stuck in his butt.
When obama is out of the white house the next president should order a special prosecutor to investigate obama, then indict and convict and imprison the traitor.
Thats true in reids case he has no donors but instead he receives bribes and extorts money from others and a lot of his donors are or are going to prison.
According to obama he hasn't known or done anything in 6 years, he said it so it must bet true so why do we need this MF lying SFB?
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