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Rubio at CPAC: "I Have a Debt to America"

John338 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 11:59 AM
go away you are as phony as it gets.
congress has enough on this anti-American commie to impeach and remove why don't they, hell there is probably enough to try him for treason
memo to rubio we do not want you for president you are as bad as obama.
a brain dead moron who hates America pretty well describes democRATic trash.
pervert, it is really strange the president is probably mentally ill and his vp is a pervert.
gutwipe is probably not even a legal citizen he is a short little disgusting pig.
Ah no they don't you dumb S.O.B
These complete and total fools from the obama regime don't have a clue how angry they are going to make the people of this country, obama must be impeached and removed.
The next step is the impeachment of this anti-American goon.
The next president and congress must disband all of the alphabet agencies except for the FBI and CIA
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