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Chelsea is just like her mother, a disgusting pig
Thats what I would want a picture of the Kenyan communist pothead.
bloomberg needs a frontal lobotomy.
This syphilitic bag of democRATic pus couldn't get elected to the hookers hall of fame if it only took one vote. Kansans better drive a stake in the heart of this vampire before she destroys the state.
Besides being a complete and total a-hole carville acts like he is half drunk most of the time, this POS is totally immaterial in the world of politics. .
I guess the 5000 or so militia members blocking south bound Interstate 15 had nothing to do with ending it, they were the reason period.
This old sow is an embarrassment to this country
I would rather have this a-hole obama retire.
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Harry Reid – The Democrats’ Democrat

John338 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 11:34 AM
I wonder why no one brings up the chinese mob ties that reid has through his connection with MGM, Harry is a small mean spirited little man, he is going to roast in hell eventually.
This guy belongs in prison for the BS he has done in the last 5 years. He is not nor has he ever been a attorney general who enforces the rule of law, this buffoon makes his own laws and tries to shove them down our throats. Mr Holder get your bracelets and shove them up your butt.
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