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Las Vegas Sands Corporation has no properties in New Jersey.
Left out of this article: The fact that Adelson is on good terms with Reid.
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The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

John3249 Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 2:19 PM
Why did he lose you? He put it in quotes, indicating that HE does not agree with that characterization.
Your argument would make sense if everybody bought individual policies. They don't, most folks are in group policies. Only the life insurance folks would really care, and they aren't that big of a player.
" So why, exactly, aren’t we welcoming a decidedly healthier alternative to Lucky Strikes, Camel Menthols and American Spirits?" Follow the money. What are the taxes levied on e-cigs vs traditional cancer sticks?
Given that the Mayor has personally made this decision, let's hope that the lawsuit against him bankrupts both him AND takes a big chunk out of Atlanta's coffers. The former is more important than the latter, but the latter matters also, because Atlanta's voters and taxpayers elected him. (Yes, I know, the latter is a subset of the former, and likely less likely to have voted for him.)
Man, talk about stepping in it. After earning enormous goodwill for his car gift on the Today show yesterday, he follows up with this?? 'Tis worthy of "Jay Walking"...
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Control Freaks

John3249 Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 7:26 PM
Your spraying cologne is a lousy example, because that WOULD be assault. Now, if you want to say that smokers who deliberately blow smoke into the faces of passersby are in the wrong, well, I'm with you there. That, however, is not what the anti-smoking Gestapo want. As Stossel states, they want ALL smoking, EVERYWHERE, banned. They have zero respect for privacy, private property rights, or common decency. They want a world where YOU don't get to decide whether or not to enter a smoke filled back room for whatever nefarious purposes you may have. I think smoking is stupid, and ranges from very mildly to definitely obnoxious. I think that personal liberty is a much greater value than freedom from the miniscule dangers of second hand smoke. If you don't like tobacco smoke, do the same thing I do with regards to strangers spraying me with cologne. Avoid places where such things occur. It's remarkably easy.
Hey, in fairness to the moonbat, at least she is calling for amending the Constitution, rather than just ignoring it or applying "living interpretation" to it. Not that amending the 2nd out of existence stands a snowball's chance for at least the next generation.
Put simply, you're an idiot. Marriage is not a religious rite, or more accurately, the fact that most religions recognize, celebrate and sanctify marriage does not mean it is exclusively a religious rite. If it were exclusively a religious rite, why has it persisted in EVERY society in history, including those that have been explicitly atheist? Why does marriage exist in Communist countries? Marriage is a specifically structured and unique arrangement that exists in EVERY human society past or present. It places specific privileges and responsibilities upon the parties of the relationship, AND puts specific privileges and burdens on SOCIETY relative to those in the relationship. Government recognize marriages, and religions sanctify/celebrate marriages, because marriage has historically been a REALLY, REALLY BIG DEAL for society. When you can explain to others WHY its has been REALLY, REALLY BIG DEAL for society, then you can have some credibility
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