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That figure is just factually incorrect. 52% of gay men aren't HIV+. Prove that.
You know we already limit what SNAP benefits can purchase, right?
You sound like quite the gentleman.
Riiiiiiight. On what basis?
What possible other motives would someone have to go to Africa and treat people infected with a deadly disease?
How many terrorists came over the southern border?
Do you have any evidence that she worked for the CDC's CIA (if it even exists))? You could make the same argument that she works for the GRU? Or MI5? Or GE? Or my awkward next door neighbor?
That's the level of humor that you're accustomed to? Don't quit your day job. . .
Right, and now that she's through the window, her blood tests are negative and her fever is down. She doesn't have ebola, and there's no scientific or constitutional justification to continue to hold her.
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