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Do you have any evidence to show that Muslims have substantially more children in the United States than non-Muslims do?
Errr, no?
So those people didn't choose to kill themselves. They were murdered by the state, according to your definition?
:::sticks out tongue and makes frowny face::: No, I was done with you first! See, elementary school called. It wants it's rhetorical norms back.
Great, and until you make exceptions for those women, it's irrelevant.
Wow. Your rhetorical skills are impressive.
What about innocent people who didn't commit the crimes that they were convicted of? Did they decide to kill themselves too?
Does insulting me like that make you feel big and strong? Like an adult? Would your mother be proud of you? I'll decide that the debate is over when I decide that the debate is over. It's when I decide that I'd like to stop debating you. So you can go talking to the wind, and I'll stop engaging. How does that sound? People who use Hitler and Stalin analogies trivialize the horrors that millions of people (including relatives of mine) experienced. We're done.
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