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They got a voter card from a healthcare plan?
You want to kill illegal immigrants?
Are you suggesting that things were better back then than they are today?
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Michelle Obama Plays Ping-Pong in China

John3138 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 4:21 PM
I didn't realize that it's your place to "not allow" them. Silly me, I thought that everyone had first amendment rights, not just conservatives.
Funny, I could swear that's why we have a court system. To sort all of this out. And it works nicely. . .
So you're interested in overturning 200 years of Supreme Court jurisprudence at this point?
You're right, they weren't. I just find it incredibly ironic that, after having been presented with the opportunity to back civil-unions instead of marriage, the American right REFUSED to get on board. And now that the train has left the station, all of a sudden civil unions are (somewhat) popular. Perhaps a bit too little too late?
The majority don't get to vote on the civil rights of the minority. If the majority voted that Christians shouldn't be able to talk about their religious beliefs, would you be upset with the judge for overturning that? Somehow, I doubt it.
How do gays pig out at the government trough? Makes no sense to me. . .
:::yawn::: IS there any problem that you don't blame on liberals? If that were the case, why is there PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan war vets?
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