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If you think that Cosmo is a communist rag, you should meet a real communist one of these days. . .
I don't think that this represents mainstream feminism. Do you know any feminists? Maybe you should talk to them about their beliefs, and you might actually see that they're not out to destroy the American system as we all know it. . .
You know that the first lady has two children with her, err, Husband, correct?
I hadn't realized that the plural of anecdote is now considered data.
What are you talking about? Have you ever actually met someone who's left of center?
Maturity reigns here.
Refusing to identify yourself IS NOT a crime in Minnesota. Read the article. That's the problem.
Proportionate and appropriate use of force is defined by local police departments. There are clear rules about when and where police officers can use deadly force (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadly_force). Bottom line, if it's at all possible to stop in the individual without killing them, you can't (and shouldn't) pull the trigger.
Tell me more about that. Are you suggesting that Brown's death was proportionate and appropriate use of force?
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