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How I Spent My Sick Days

John281 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 10:35 AM
The annual flu shot has a 30% failure rate. Not myth, science. The founding fathers didn't have to contend with a constant influx of active influenza pathogens from the source of 8 in 10 flu strains: southeastern China, where people, pigs and birds live in close proximity, and the bugs jump the barrier with impunity, evolve rapidly, and move with travelers. Sunshine has nothing to do with influenza virulence and suseptability. THey did, however, suffer from a smallpox epidemic during the Revolution. Prefer that?
Recently, after a couple of days of feeling a bit run down, I groused to my wife that I didn't feel bad enough to miss work, just bad enough to make work a lot harder than usual. "It might be nice to feel bad enough to have to stay home," I said sardonically.

Scratch that thought. The microbes have ears. A couple of days later, I had gotten my rash wish -- complete with cough, sneezing, scratchy throat, wooly head and an enveloping fatigue that banished any thought of going to work.

Well, not any thought. I've heard a lot about Catholic...