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Executive Privilege: The 2012 Election and the Power of Incumbency

John281 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:04 AM
This is getting ridiculous. Clearly the Republican message is NOT selling to the last two generations of voters, and no one who matters seems to get it. The rock-ribbed and immovable conservatives need to get out of the way if the GOP has any chance of surviving into the next generation. "Progressive" has to lose its poisonous effects to those who revere the power of the individual over that of the collective. That has to become the objective, not obescience to religion or any other easily-mocked ideology. Concentrate first on WINNING, then worry about leading, just like the Dems do.
Mitt Romney lost the presidential race by only two percentage points. If the election had been held just a week earlier, when he was up in the polls, things might have been different. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney lost, and now a bitter debate has ensued over the future of the Republican Party, with liberal Democrats happily plunging into the debate.

What is being lost in this debate, however, is just how hard it is to defeat an incumbent president—any incumbent president. Here’s a history lesson from the last 100 years:

There have been 19 incumbent...