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He is untouchable. To ward of every accusation he turns logic on its head and the media laps it up. Ultimately, it will come down to "every white Republican obstructionist voted to impeach..." which will become a purely race issue. Impeach him and he will be in office for life...his, not yours, which will be very short. Any such attempt will result in his suspending Congress by fiat. He can't do that, you say? Really? Can he do half the things he's already done?
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Petty Annoyances

John281 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 3:38 PM
If you don't have anything better to say, why are you wasting bandwidth?
...And one Youtube video is enough for you?
Nobody's getting fired: never fear The GS bureaucrats responsible for any "policy" of neglect (it's actually systemic and much older than even Obama...well into the 1950s) can't be killed with silver bullets. Oh sure, they'll find some functionary that's ready for retirement or fed up enough to walk and say that they were "fired," when the truth is if they really were "fired for cause" the wrongful termination suits, successful or not, promise huge book deals and more exposures.
So what? The next meat puppet will be any different?
Then what? They're still trying to figure out what to do about the ATTORNEY GENERAL from over a year ago. Pointless.
Sure, put Democrats on the committee, for all that the committee will be worth in the first place. This is a pointless waste of resources. Even if they come up with a score of smoking guns with OBHs fingerprints on them, no one will care, and nothing will come of it. Wake up, people! THE MASS MEDIA DOES NOT CARE! All that matters in the Twitter Age is the latest celebrity scandal, not the one from two years ago. As long as MSNBC gives Team Obama a pass, nothing will happen with this circus. The ONLY thing that this committee MIGHT do that has any lasting value is find Hilly Rod culpable, and that's a stretch. This far from 2016 the effort is lost. No one will remember by then, and those who do will be called sexist woman-haters.
If the select committee members have no secrets, the progressives will make some up. This hearing is a complete waste of resources. With the mainstream media in their back pockets, Team Obama has nothing to fear. They could find a photograph with BHO himself popping a cap on Stevens and it would be questioned as a right-wing smear.
Screech irrelevantly into the microphone, people, no one else is listening.
Pointless. Congress held Eric Holder in contempt. The result? Nothing. Find for the plaintiff and then what? Jail Barry? Good luck with that. Stop wasting time and resources on these publicity stunts.
It's that high...?
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