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The "American people" I submit couldn't give a whit less. Most couldn't find their own location on a map, let alone Afghanistan's. Even fewer could say why the US got there in the first place. These "polls" conduct interviews in phone booths and expect everyone to believe what they say reflects everyone. Isolationists and other ideological mouthpieces for commercial interests will trill "no wars without declarations" ignoring the fact that the longest and worst conflicts have been conducted without declarations, and that declarations are, to the US, legally meaningless, conferring no special powers, authority or rights on anyone or any organization. Not all military action results in ticker-tape parades, people. "Victory" can often be declared only by the survivors generations later. We cannot know, sometimes not for generations, if a given military action is in the best interests of the society conducting it. Running foreign policy by conducting mock "polls" that reflect only organizational biases is a fool's game. Neat and clean Hollywood wars are the exceptions, not the rules.
Bergdahl will be tried in the morning, sentenced in the afternoon, and discharged by dark. That will be the last anyone will hear from him, or of him.
By 2050, there will be one worker for every sixteen retirees in China. Then what? This is sustainable?
I saw the film. I was unimpressed by Cooper's "acting:" any fireplug could have done it as well: the Oscar nomination is political. As for the story following history: No. His widow can endorse it all she wants, or all the makers want...but that doesn't turn it into a time machine. The dates don't add up: the embassy bombings were in 1998 and here's our hero swearing to sign up; next scene has Cooper in BUDS at thirty (Cooper says so), and then comes 9/11, in the movie, anyway. No, Kyle was 30 in 2003 (born 1973). As for the rest, no real opinion. Contemporary history is way too early to even begin to write, let alone analyze: too many people with too much emotional involvement. I'd give it three of five stars, no more. It is impossible to tell if MM's uncle or anyone else was killed by a "sniper" or just a random piece of hot metal. The Left's outrage over the film is not only predictable and tedious it is pointless to even discuss.
Can anyone name any elected official that ever told the truth at all times...the unqualified and absolutely complete truth? Of course not. It is simply not possible. All those who run for office are grifters, bunko artists, pathological liars of the worst stripe. Calling a politician a liar is simply redundant.
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New Year's Irresolution

John281 Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 3:35 PM
Makes more sense than anything else I've read to explain Barry's behavior.
This is your version of "courage?" Two overrated winger blowhards beating up on Hollywood's favorite punching bag (besides the GOP) behind a meters-thick security zone? Wow. Hardly wait till we see what you think "cowardice" is.
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We Could Be Heroes, Me and You

John281 Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 4:24 PM
No, Katie because you, too, are a coward by this measure, and I can prove it. Get on a soapbox and shout the N word for a few minutes. See what happens. Remember to duck. Call your nearest gay friend (providing you know one) a "f--" and do the same. Shout "God is dead" in a devout Christian gathering. See above. Shall I go on? None of us "are Charlie." We have things we simply don't say in fear of the response because the First Amendment was never intended to protect anyone from the _reaction_ to speech. As Yakov Smirnov used to say "in America you have freedom after speech." That doesn't mean someone won't try to kill you for saying things, but the state cannot jail you. The two dozen blowhard parasites with "R" after their names that "opposed" Boehner just wanted attention, and you gave it to them. They are about as heroic as the over-dressed and overrated entertainers shouting "je suit Charlie" on the latest awards show.
What, pray, does CENTCOM or any military organization, anyone beyond the age of 18 , or anyone with a real job need with a Twitter account?
Go ahead, waste more resources on another useless bill that everyone knows will be vetoed. Just for bragging rights. Ignorant politicians.
This surprises who?
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