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So what? The next meat puppet will be any different?
Then what? They're still trying to figure out what to do about the ATTORNEY GENERAL from over a year ago. Pointless.
Sure, put Democrats on the committee, for all that the committee will be worth in the first place. This is a pointless waste of resources. Even if they come up with a score of smoking guns with OBHs fingerprints on them, no one will care, and nothing will come of it. Wake up, people! THE MASS MEDIA DOES NOT CARE! All that matters in the Twitter Age is the latest celebrity scandal, not the one from two years ago. As long as MSNBC gives Team Obama a pass, nothing will happen with this circus. The ONLY thing that this committee MIGHT do that has any lasting value is find Hilly Rod culpable, and that's a stretch. This far from 2016 the effort is lost. No one will remember by then, and those who do will be called sexist woman-haters.
If the select committee members have no secrets, the progressives will make some up. This hearing is a complete waste of resources. With the mainstream media in their back pockets, Team Obama has nothing to fear. They could find a photograph with BHO himself popping a cap on Stevens and it would be questioned as a right-wing smear.
Screech irrelevantly into the microphone, people, no one else is listening.
Pointless. Congress held Eric Holder in contempt. The result? Nothing. Find for the plaintiff and then what? Jail Barry? Good luck with that. Stop wasting time and resources on these publicity stunts.
It's that high...?
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The Right to Self-Defense

John281 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:08 AM
Argument is demonstrably false. If your "rights" were granted by an all-powerful deity they could not possibly, by definition, be "taken away." Discussion hinges on the concept of "rights" "given" by "God" and so far, throughout human history, the evidence clearly shows that your definition is make-believe, else no earthly power could take them away.
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ABC's Porn Pinup for Teenage Girls

John281 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 8:56 AM
It is hard to believe that supposedly serious newspeople or any other content providers in any medium (including Bozell) are so dumb that they don't know what their function in life is: filler between ads. To do that successfully they have to entertain at least as well as they inform. Hard to believe you people can't figure that out. They broadcast what sells advertising. Nothing hard about that.
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The Fat and the Fired

John281 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 8:51 AM
Drone strikes on bread at 11...
Another winger blowhard bleating about things of which she knows as little as any on MSNBC. News flash sweet cheeks: the armed services are welcoming drones with open arms, and for good reason: they're cheap, effective, and oh by the way SAFE for their operators, at least at the moment. You want the military to simply reject them because their operators can't get medals? You are one sorry piece of work, girl. Take it from someone who spent a quarter century in uniform: you are unworthy of further commentary, readership or consideration. On the strength of this tripe I'm now actively considering cancelling my TH subscription. I am certainly not going to renew.
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