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If this person had been Joe Public, he would get at least a twenty year stretch and confiscation of all his possessions. NOW, What does this tell you about our corrupt, inefficient government leadership? Why can't all these Senators and congressmen wake up and take action while we can still save our nation???????
Easy to say - hard to do. First we have to elect members of congress and senate with backbones of steel and singlerness of purpose to right all our contries wrongs and prosecute the guilty parties in government, whether they be the DOJ, Preident or any elected official entrusted with responsiblility to serve our country and uphold the constittuion.
That is very negative thinking. I don';t think the majority (that is Demo's * GOP's) will allow delwetion of the 2nd amendment.....Further, I think that when February 15th comes and the Supreme Court hears the case of Obama's eligibility suit, two things come to mind: First, if the court agrees that all of the evidence is vali and the suit upheld (which it should) then all of Obama's actions may become null and void. Secondly, if, in the face of all the compelling evidence, the court decides to white-wash everything and brushes it under the carpet....well, then look for a 2013 American Revolution. People note Obama is leaning towards Martial Law to prevent being kicked out held for treason. He wont be backed by the millitary.
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Let Obama be Obama

John276 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 5:03 PM
Wherer the hell is this guy coming from? Thats all nice talk except the corrupt DOJ and the Obama administration has not and will not uphold and carryout what they are suipposed to do on immigration. Allow this ciorrupt Prsidentadministraation free reign to completely ruin our ecomomy, our freedom and our conmstitution?..............No Way Jose!
And what about all the military absentee ballots that got "Lost" or "Not Received?"
And this is how Obama wins the Florida electral vote? Now mulltiply all the other "WIN STATES" and see how many votes are fraululent? Could you excpect anything less from a dishonest President?????????
Well, shame on you Colorado. You should hav e yelled "Foul" before the election and maybe Colorado would have voted at firing Obama. Now you have to suffer like the rest of us for the next four years.
I've got news for you dip! The Tea Party is composed by solid citizerns who care about our country and where its heading. They are responsible for the GOP controlling the House. They do accomplisgh what spineless Americans fail to do. It may just come to pass that it will be the Tea Party that will united all of America to overcome the tyrany of this administration.
I voted for Romney because he was chosen to run. I think he is a good, honest man with reat ideals and focus of purpose...but I also sent several messages to his campaign.."Get tough with Obama and tell the American voters all the facts - don't pull any punches...and good, polite guys don't win tough fights." I am a Nwet Gingrich fan and still beleive that he would have beaten Obama and trash him in all three debates. You have to fight to win - no holds bared. Romney too nice a guy and missed a few major opportunities.
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Our Disenfranchised Troops Deserve Better

John276 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 8:00 AM
Ummm, smart one, did you notice that a Russion nuclear attack sub was cruising 200 mniles off our coast these past few days/
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