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Piglosi thinks this committee should be equally balanced? Like when she ran the House and would not even let Republicans into the hearings? Go suck an egg Nanny.
How is this photo "unflattering" to the little pot-bellied pig? It looks just like him so "where`s the beef" or should I say pork?
I am still searching for all these "racists" in the Republican party. Have not found one yet.
It is easy to tell when Harry "the Red" is lying because his lips are moving.
Liberal Democraps should be reminded that the Bill of Rights outranks them.
I was raised believing that "Academics" were some of the most brilliant people on the planet but in the past twenty years I have come to see that they are not. BTW, All Progressives/Democraps are liars.
Watch out. Whenever any government entity wants to fix anything it will be less efficient and more expensive.
Is the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights still in effect? Maybe the Democraps should go back and read it.
"You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow`s ear." Moochie will always be "low rent, no class" even while wearing a $12.000 dress.
Allen West and Ben Carson would be the dream ticket in `16.
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Pete Seeger, Commie-Lover Till the End

John2752 Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 8:53 PM
Pete Seeger is now residing in Hell with Che` and both are awaiting the arrival of the Castro brothers.
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