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Hey Mike, don`t insult the Three Stooges like that as they were at least entertaining and funny:-)
The "ugliest thing" I see is the ugliness of those racist buffoons on that so-called cable news channel.
He should starve himself to death. No great loss there.
I think that BiBi should have skipped the funeral of Mandela but should have stated that it was "not worth the trip" rather than "it was too expensive" :-)
It`s too bad that this man was such a bad shot. He should have sent the little punk to hell.
No matter, it is still the road to socialized medicine. Down with Obummercare.
Hey froggy, "oink" says it all:)
She has a great deal of competition in the category of "stupid" as she has to compete with Piglosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and a slew of other Democraps that are too numerous to name. However I do agree with you:)
Not one of these surprised me. All the above commenters are noted for their ignorance and idiotic statements.
Barbra Streisand used to be my favorite female vocalist but in the past thirty years I haven`t liked anything she has done especially after she became such an outspoken Democrap hack. The rest of these fools have nothing that I would listen to let alone buy.
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Nice Losers

John2752 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 7:00 PM
Democraps are demon possessed. Repubs are just stupid.
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