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Michelle Obama Plays Ping-Pong in China

John248 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 12:23 AM
Love it!
I'm amazed she had the intelligence to get behind a podium!
Ted Cruz CANNOT RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY. He is foreign born!
So, this is what happens when the DEMS get a taste of their own medicine. What should have happened with Lois Lerner was her not being able to leave the room until she did answer the questions.
If the illustrious RINO McCain had actually CAMPAIGNED in 2008 and let Sarah Palin have a more free hand, we would not be facing these problems now!
This is no surprise at all. And it should not be. In 2008, for whatever reasons, the Democrats and the United States Electorate made a decision to place a completely incompetent person with resume or relevant experience in the White House. In 2012, the political machine (very possibly manipulated) returned him to this position. The outcome has been disastrous in all areas. With the United States government setting standards to achieve on-going lows in incompetence, it is no surprise that our national nay-sayers take each and every opportunity to do us and the world wrong. Putin very likely take back the Crimea, and prior to 2016 the Soviet Union may well make a comeback. The reason that Putin chose this time frame may well be based on Secretary Hagel's highly advertised decision for massive defense cuts all last week. WHEN COMPETENT PEOPLE ARE IN HIGH GOVERNMENT OFFICE....S H I T LIKES THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!
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Obama Must Go

John248 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 3:18 AM
You have it mostly correct, but you made a serious error in "how did we get to where we are". The other problem has been 50 years of a growing welfare department supported by the liberals which gave some citizens the message of "I don't have to work", and also 50 years of very gradual eroding of Christianity, Ethics, Morals, and pride in Country to the point that the Liberal party arrived at the point of "me me me me me" and then there perfect puppit (Obama) a half-black who hates America. The Clintonian MissAdministration proved that half of the country no longer cares about the POTUS screwing around and lying about it. NoBama has only picked up this banner and run with it. Problems are, the nation may have to be completely taken apart and put back together in order to cure this disease. In the meantime, prepare to watch Putin rebuild the Soviet Empire while our government does little more than thumb its nose, and prepare for the United States of NoBama to become so weak that even the DPRK could beat us.
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10 Things to Know for Thursday

John248 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 10:17 PM
Jan Brewer. Oh so typical of Republicans these days........she caved. That bill could have only helped Arizona, and set a great precedent throughout the nation. Probably up to either Texas or Idaho to take a stand.
McCain: The reason why across-the-board term limits need to become law (not to exceed two four-years terms EVER. And, the reason why Obama (aka F-Head) got in there in the first place. McCain does not know what the meaning of the word "campaign" means, and (like Boehner and McConnel) sells his own party down the road half the time.
From a conservative point-of-view......Fallon could have done so much better for his week 1 line-up. With the possible exception of Justin Timberlake, his first week was more of a reason to avoid him rather than tune in. Actually, I haven't watched the tonight show since Johnny Carson retired. Jay Leno was alright, but....too many changes.
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