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Arrest George Zimmerman

John2402 Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 1:01 PM
George Zimmerman is currently _not_ under arrest because... there is so far, insufficient evidence that he committed a crime for which he should be charged, arrested, and confined. The "legal process" to which Ms Gallagher refers in the penultimate line of the column, does not cease just because someone isn't in jail. Her call to simply arrest Zimmerman anyway puts her on the same moral and racist plane with Sharpton and Jackson. We are known by the company we keep, whether physically, intellectually, or philosophically.
Dripping with sarcasm. Love it. To head off the inevitable dolts who will write in about all the other internal combustion vehicles that explode into flames on impact, thus attempting to nullify Ransom's take on the Cruze: Hogwash, sheep dip, and thank you, Hollywood. Any fireman can tell you the percentage of vehicles which catch fire after an impact is minuscule. That is, until GM's latest engineering brain farts. Above all, Ransom's sarcasm aside, remember that it isn't FedGov's job by any measure, standard, or statute, to dictate to a free market, whether it is cars, CD players, or tuning forks.
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