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Chuck Todd: If Lincoln Were Dealing with These Republicans, We'd Still Have Slavery

John2038 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 8:36 AM
I guess then that you are happy about the results. Since you sat on your rears and didn't vote, guess who you allowed to win the election. Enjoy your victory and congrads. You sure taught them a lesson and just might have allowed the destruction of this country and made the Constitution obsolete. Oh and make sure you kids and grandkids thank you for the debt you have placed on their shoulders.

Not his words, you must understand.  Just a "depressing" observation from a "very smart" White House aide:


Joe Klein -- last seen beclowning himself on Benghazi -- gets a big laugh at this line because it's so true, right?  Republicans are just the worst.  Lincoln would have never been able to handle this bunch of radicals.  Maybe this "very smart" White House source should go re-watch Lincoln, or re-read his history books.  Congressional Republicans were the ones who