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Scaring the Horses: Britain's Tories Back Unmarriage

John 2000 Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 2:19 PM
It's the usual word play using euphemisms to make unpalatable things more palatable. Euthanasia becomes, "Death with Dignity". Pedophile sex with children is morphing into "intergenerational intimacy". The advocates who propose killing defective or unwanted babies after they are born speak of the act as merely a "post natal abortion". And now any and every kind of relationship that is deemed loving and committed will be touted as an example of "marriage equality". If am a bi-sexual and want to marry both a man and a woman, why can't we do so if we claim love and commitment to each other. Marriage will become anything and nothing. As marriage goes, so goes the family. As the family goes, so goes the nation. I am not optimistic.
Mother of 4 -- the original Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 3:27 PM
If marriage means any "loving" relationship between any number of people of any sex then it means nothing whatsoever at all and we will need a new word to define a permanent binding between a man and a woman.

Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Bob Morrison.

Britain’s Conservative Party, the Tories, lost an empire when America rebelled against their tyranny and foolishness. Edmund Burke said then: “Great empires and little minds go ill together.” Now, the Tories are preparing to lose Britain itself.

How so? The Tories are ending marriage. Of course, that’s not what they think they are doing. They think they are simply acknowledging that Sir Elton and his significant other are as “married” as any other British couple. It used to be said of the Britons with their stiff upper lips that they don’t care...