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God With Us

John1921 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 2:41 PM
Recorded humnan history goes back over 6,00 years, To consider normal life to be the way things have been for the last 100 years is beyond idiocy. Forever before the discovery of penicillin just before WW II (not nearly 100 years ago), childhood mortality was always high. With O'bwana-Care set to destroy the last remaining world-class medical research-and-development system, childhood looks to become dangerous again soon.

WASHINGTON -- This is a Christmas season shadowed by sorrow. We know, of course, that human beings, even small ones, sometimes die in horrible, unfair ways. But all the horror and unfairness seemed to arrive at once in Newtown, where some parents wake on Christmas Day, if they slept at all, to mourn their absent children.

These events brought to mind a sermon by William Sloane Coffin, delivered 10 days after his son Alex was killed in a car accident. "When parents die," he said, "they take with them a large portion of the past. But when children die,...

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