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Changing Demographics Won't Mean the End of Republican Party

John1921 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 12:03 PM
If half the people want a nanny-state (i.e., Leftist totalitarian regime), then half the people have to go. The idea of the Constitution (although the ignorant, brainwashed youth of today have no clue) was that many issues were off-limits to political discussion. "Congress shall make no law..." means that, no matter if 99% of the voters are in favor of some program, it ain't gonna happen. Recall the Founders did not consult American Tories about the 1790 elections -- the Tories had either been killed or fled to Canada or England to avoid death. Same deal with 'the nanny state' as this means the abolition of the American Republic, as founded. This is not open to dispute; it is sedition to advocate it.

When reading one of the endless stories about a just-released poll Thursday night, a pair of numbers struck my eye: 60 and 37.

Those were the percentages of white voters supporting Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the ABC/Washington Post tracking poll. Overall, the poll showed Romney leading Obama 50 to 47 percent.

The reason those two numbers struck my eye is that they are identical to the percentages of white voters supporting Republicans and Democrats in elections for the House of Representatives in the 2010 exit poll. Overall, Republicans won the House popular vote by a margin of...