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As Unauthorized Amnesty Begins, No Safeguards in Place to Prevent Fraud

John1921 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 2:54 PM
There is such a thing as an American. Mexican's ain't it. Look at the never-ending conflicts between whites and a 12% black population. Now you want to start another round with 20-25% Mexicans? In case you hadn't noticed, blacks have been here for 350 years and have not yet assimilated to white culture (as if they want to, nowadays). How long do you expect Mexicans, in greater numbers and with home right across a river, are going to maintain a seperate and distinct (and hostile) culture? Leftists are the only people on earth who think the Balkans were a desirable model to follow.
Jim69 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 9:16 PM
Please check your dictionary for the real definition of American. Mexicans fit in real well.
The unlegislated Obama amnesty for illegal aliens under 30 begins August 15 as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) begins accepting applications for “deferred action” and work authorization. Initially, the White House estimated that about 800,000 illegal aliens would be covered under this amnesty, when the policy was first announced in June. That figure that was immediately disputed by the Pew Hispanic Center, which estimated about 1.4 million beneficiaries. In the interim, the goal posts were moved (in favor of the illegal aliens, of course) and the latest estimate from the pro-amnesty Migration Policy Institute is that 1.76 million illegal aliens...