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MSNBC: Nobody Needs Your Hurricane Donations Mitt Romney

John187 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:26 AM
Uh.... PINHEADS. So you already have an organized meeting of thousands planned and mapped out. You are in Ohio, where people without a need for help, can donate for people that need help are already ready to amass for a rally. You ask them to bring donations for other people in need, and you are criticized for your charity. I guess it would have made more sense to have a rally and take donations in New Jersey... let's ask the people that need the water, clothes and food to donate water, clothes and food. Makes all the sense in the world if you are a pinhead.

Yesterday Mitt Romney turned a previously scheduled campaign event in Ohio into a hurricane relief event. Romney asked supporters to bring canned goods and other supplies to help storm victims recover on the East Coast. He only spoke for ten minutes at the event and quickly jumped in to help load supplies. His campaign bus has been accepting hurricane relief donations since Monday in Northern Virginia. Sounds like a great idea right? Not according to MSNBC. Reporters and anchors at the far-left TV outlet were appalled at Romney's efforts to give back to the community, after all, his charity and...