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this guy won't quit because he is actually a democrat, and the've been planning this all along.
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The Futility of Gun Control

John173 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 7:55 PM
Four days ago, 7 people were killed in a head on collision. I didn't read a single article calling for stricter regulation of automobiles. Even though more people die from autos every year than from guns. There weren't any articles about outlawing autos that can carry more than 4 people. there weren't any articles about keeping autos to less than 150 horsepower. There weren't any articles about a longer waiting period before you can pick up your new auto. I'm asking people to really think about this.....If there is an auto accident and someone dies, no one blames the car. But they instantly blame the gun. THREE TIMES the number of people who die from gunfire each year, die as the result of auto accidents.
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