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I have MET people from Minnesota! They surely didn't SEEM stupid enough to elect Keith Ellison, Al Franken, and let us not forget, Jesse Ventura! C'mon, Minnesota! Votes have consequences! Stop voting for idiots!
Hear, Hear! I have long advocated for the idea that EVERYONE, including the poor, have to pay at least SOMETHING in all forms of taxation. It is easy to simply vote Democrat, with the then inevitable tax increases to pay for the "social program du jour", if you don't have any skin in the game! Let the poor and government- dependent see that these tax increases affect THEM TOO, and I think a lot of attitudes will change!
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Focus on Winning

John157 Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 9:42 AM
Michael- The flaw in your thinking, and in fact, the entire premise of this article, is that the "Tea Party" or the Conservatives are the minority of the Republican Party. This is simply untrue. They are the BASE of the party, and have now gotten their backs up against the wall and begun refusing to go along when Big Government Republicans, like Boehner, (and, apparently, you), try to tell them that THEY need to compromise THEIR principles for the "good of the party". When is going to be the Country Club Republicans turn to get on board with what the base of the party REALLY wants; smaller less intrusive government, and a backing away from the creeping Big Brotherism of the Democrats and Inside the Beltway Republicans, (like Boehner)?? You may have noticed from the comments posted here that no one is buying your take on this problem. Maybe it is time YOU joined US, rather than the vice versa!
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