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There You Go Again

John1477 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 10:06 AM
Here are the steps for the post below : Under 'Browse BDM' click 'BDM Databases', then click 'multi-screen data search' (yellow button), then hold down the CNTL Button and highlite 'openings' (Start Ups) & 'closings' (Failures), and then click 'next form'. Highlite 'total private' and click 'next form'. Highlite 'all size classes' & click 'next form'. Highlite 'number of establishments' & click 'next form'. Highlite 'national' & click 'next form'.Check 'level' & click 'next form'. Check 'not seasonally adjusted' & click 'next form'. Click 'retrieve data' & view both tables, total each of the 4 Qtrs (manually) and compare for NET GAINS & NET LOSSES.

There you go again, Mr. Obama -- again and again and again, engaging in class warfare.

Trying to make voters think Mitt Romney cares more about the offshore bank accounts of the wealthy than the pocketbooks of the middle class.

Proving for the umpteenth time that you know nothing about economics, how wealth and jobs are created or why businesses and rich people are moving themselves or their money overseas to escape the taxes you think aren't high enough.

"There you go again, Mr. Obama."

That's what my father would have said to the president's latest dumb idea to punish rich...