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Good article, and we can start by dropping the description, "African - American". I'm not referred to as "Scottish - American" or even white for that matter. Maybe the 'short guy', the 'older guy', the 'heavier guy', but never the 'white-scottish-american' guy. Next we can adopt policies that address equal opportunity for anybody that fits, instead of equal outcomes (class warfare). We can teach basic entrepreneurial skills in school, instead of victimization, so yes we have lots of work to do, and until we get rid of the 'race hustlers', what we have is what we'll get.
IT'S ABOUT THE ECONOMY STUPID. Stop the rhetoric and adopt solid policies, like a new class of business for start-ups. ZERO STATE / FEDERAL TAX for 5 years if one employee (FTE Equivalent) is on the payroll for 12 months for that tax year. Cut a deal with states and tie this new legal entity to an inner city enterprise zone in every state so young blacks will stop killing each other. ZERO Cap Gains for any investor that participates in the new start-up. EQUAL treatment for both Wall Street & Main Street. I voted for Gary Johnson last election because I knew he would make a difference, even though I knew he would never get elected. This is your last chance, so dpon't blow it.
Excellent article Mr. Schramm, but for neophyte entrepreneurs, knowing how to construct a business plan for the next great idea, also needs to include a path around oppressive government regulations, and excessive taxation, and I'm very doubtful that would be part of the MBA curriculum. If the graduating class would now study all of the elements of the new 'Aggregation Age' business model, and compare it to the old 'Industrial Age' model, they will complete the academic portion of their education, ready for the application process (real world).
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'Me Too' Republicans

John1477 Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 9:07 AM
The 'establishment' GOP are practising what Angelo M. Codevilla wrote about in his book, "The Ruling Class", and the 'Tea Party' types are disorganized, and Priebus doesn't listen. I've sent him a solid recommendation on job creation, and I never got a response, so I formed a company with the sole purpose of relocating our manufacturers off shore, beyond the regulators, and thieves in Washington DC. At some point, that will get someone's attention.
I say start Impeachment Proceedings, as this is much more serious that Clinton's BJ, or Nixon's Wire Tapping. If Obama's two daughters were in Benghazi, do you think he might have acted differently ? The 4 that were murdered had mothers, fathers, and other family, and how do you think they feel about a President that would rather campaign than do his job.
If you get a hearing Neal, try to get a couple of States to test market it first, and go from there. All or nothing will kill it.
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Flat Tax or Fair Tax?

John1477 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 9:20 AM
Two viable alternatives, Flat Tax & Fair Tax, and two viable debates. So do a test market for each. Select two similar states for each (no state income tax, with state sales tax, with approximately the same population, and employment rate). Since the Fair Tax is 'inclusive', it wouln't appear on a sales ticket any more than the flat tax. Run both models for 24 months, and then decide which would work the best. Pundits have no clue, and neither do you Dan, so use your influence in a constructive way and make this happen.
Ater 6 years of development I just launched BizHarmony for the sole purpose of moving our entrepreneurs / manufacturers offshore, out of the reach of regulators and politicians that are crushing them into oblivion. Look up the stats on the BLS website, and take note. 355,000 more business failures that startups, since 2008, which is a first in history for the USA. Look up the report by George Mason University on regulations, and you'll see that Bush 43 gave us more than all president previously combined, and our current president has doubled down on that. Our government is not friendly to indivual free enterprise thinking, because those folks are too hard to control. Pesky entrepreneurs take risks, and Socialists hate that.
The slow economy and dismal jobs record is by design. Obama MUST keep the growth below 2% or a loaf of bread will cost $100.00, thanks to Bernanke's printing press and that would expose a failed policy, and deprive Obama of bailout / payoff money. With hyper inflation comes 20% interest, and he's saving that little gem for the GOP to deal with should they get elected next time around. Too bad we don't have a loyal opposition, or they would force Obama's hand by plowing through the distractions (Debt Ceiling, Gun Control, Immigraion etc) and force him to deal with the economy, or labe him the enemy of the middle class and free enterprise entrepreneurs.
The DEMs are good at creating lasting images, and the 'Granny' ad is one of them so I have one for Romney. As a backdrop, show video of starving kids, with flies crawling out of their mouths, and ralate that to our debt and the fact that our poverty is at its highest level, ever. Run it until November 6th, and if we don't get a handle on it, this is what our children and grandchildren face.
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Where is John Galt? Part Two

John1477 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 10:46 AM
Yes there is Satan2Liberals. I've been working on a blueprint to save the Free Enterprise System for 6 years, and plan to officially launch it before year end. Unfortunately, I need to fly beneath the radar , but I can tell you that the solution lies in transitioning businesses from the 'Industrial Age' business model ($100K to $200K per employee) to the 'Aggregation Age' model ($1.0 mil to $2.0 mil per employee). Google Aggregation Age Business Model and trust that I have all of the components aligned. For the record, I escaped Canada in 1985 because of excessive Gov't regs, and here we go again, and I am dedicated to making this happen. America is the best country in the world, run by the world's most corrupt so called 'elite' in the worl
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