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President Reagan was the last president we had that was president of ALL of the people (GOP & DEM), with emphasis on building the Middle Class, and promoting Free Enterprise Capitalism (Main Street, not Wall Street). So let's look at the evolution since Reagan. Bush 41 promoted the New World Order / One World Government and sold us out to the United Nations / Agenda 21 Project (elimination of property rights). Clinton gave us NAFTA, which set the stage for the destruction of our domestic manufacturing base. Bush 43 enacted more crushing regulations than all previous presidents combined (George mason University Study), favoring BIG Business, slamming small / medium size businesses, and spent us into oblivion, and Obama doubled down on what Bush did (regulations enacted & spending), and the result for the first time in our history is more business failures, than new start-ups. Jeb Bush will drive the fatal stake in the heart of Free Enterprise / Middle Class to further "Daddy's" vision of a Progressive Fabian Socialist Utopia. We don't have two parties, we have one party (the Ruling Party) with two branches, the Democrats and the Republicans, fighting each other for a turn at the trough, and we the brainwashed masses, are stupid enough to play along with their silly game.
Read the 25 page essay by Angelo M. Codevilla, titled "The Ruling Class" which I believe is the most accurate analysis of the political landscape today, and in the case of Priebus, read it 10 times, absorb it, and then draft a strategy to represent main street free enterprise entrepreneurs and the middle class, and maybe, just maybe, you might be able to win my vote back, which now goes to the Libertarian candidate as a protest vote. Of course the argument always is, if I vote Libertarian, that's a vote for the DEMs. You mean they are different than the GOP ? Wake UP ! ! ! !
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Is Obama Wrong on Ukraine?

John1477 Wrote: May 06, 2014 10:07 AM
The ONLY reason the wars were started in Iraq, Libya, with attempts in Syria, Iran & Ukraine, is to protect the Petro-Dollar, which is doomed anyway. The WMDs in all cases were the excuse to pump up the ignorant masses here at home.
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Why We're No Longer Number One

John1477 Wrote: May 06, 2014 9:44 AM
A one party system with two competing branches (DEM & GOP) fighting for a turn at the trough, will never abolish the Federal Reserve, enact term limits, go to a consumption or flat tax, make all bail-outs illegal, and put all regulations through a 'cost-benefit' analysis to determine if the impact to the economy is detrimental. Soooooo folks, we're screwed.
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An Anti-Cronyism and Free-Market Agenda

John1477 Wrote: May 06, 2014 9:36 AM
It will be more of the same, UNLESS . . . . . Term Limits, Abolish the Federal Reserve, go to a Consumption / Flat Tax and NO BAIL OUTS for anyone. This would move the control back to the people, instead of the Bankster Cartel, who treats our Presidents as 'puppets'. Roschild once said, "Give me control of a Nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws", so wake up America. We have a one party system, controlled by the Cabal, with two competing wings (DEMS & GOP) fighting each other for a turn at the trough.
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The End of Ideology?

John1477 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 9:37 AM
We're being taken apart from the inside, and our distraction is global conflict. The American public is not buying it. Let's focus on bringing down the Federal Reserve, enact Term Limits for the self serving political class and resurrecting our shredded constitution. Last, let's convict the law makers who broke laws and re-institute public hangings to show the political class, just who is in charge again.
What's the motivation to do what you suggest Dan, they're all Progressives ! ! ! !. We have ONE party, with two wings, the DEM wing, and the GOP wing, and the elections are all about who is best at misleading the public to determine who get the next 4 years at the public trough. If you don't get that Dan, I would have to label you a 'closet' Progressive, waiting for your turn at the trough.
100% correct Matt. What politician will move in this direction ? Dump the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation ripping of the citizens of the USA since 1913, financing wars to line their own pockets, funding both sides. Set up a new State Banking System (North Dakota), eliminate the income tax and move to a consumption tax. Cut the Federal Gov't in half and let the States do what they were intended to do. Close our borders and staff them with guards in security towers with orders to shoot to kill, any person trying to get in or out illegally. Oppose any move to the New World Order, which will reduce us to a third world nation. You can continue now and complete the next 50 pages, and then let's look for someone with the intestinal fortitude to run with it.
Payroll taxes are but one component that led to 'offshoring'. In California and New York, 60 cents of every dollar earned goes to some sort of tax at the local, state & federal level. Add to that the cost of labor including workman's comp, and onerous regulations and you'll get the picture. During the years 2000 through 2008, there were more crippling regulations enacted than all previous presidents combined, and between 2008 and 2012, regulations enacted, were doubled again (George Mason University study). The result of taxes and regulations were (for the first time in our history), were more business failures than startups (back to back to back to back), and you can source this info through the gov't BLS database. The Hudson Institute conducted a study to show that actual 'start-ups' are declining, so what does this mean ? Looks to me like a systematic effort by the BIG GOV'T / BIG BUSINESS believers, to kill the middle class in favor of those that are willing to pay bribes (oops, I mean campaign contributions). Moving your manufacturing offshore, unfortunately, may be the only means to survival.
Google and read the Ambassador Leo Wanta biography (FREE e-book) and you'll have all the documentation you need to NEVER elect a Bush or Clinton again. The Ambassador at 73, is still alive and fighting for the trillions that we earmarked to pay off the US debt, before the politicians we all voted for, stole it.
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