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"Runs Chills Up My Spine"--Both Parties Insist Hagel "Reconsider" Signing Israel Solidarity Letter

John147 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 6:01 PM
If anti semitic means anti israel then yes. But now you're acting like the libs who say if you disagree with obama then you are racist! I am pro israel not because israel has bent over backwards for the U.S. but because the jews funded a large portion of the american revolution, developed MOST of the scientific blockbuster discoveries in the last 200 yrs and because they respect the christians that saved their butts in wwII! Sure israel does what's best for them all the time but that is the m.o. of EVERY country except the U.S. But let's not kid ourselves either , the U.S. has its own interests across the planet and often hides selfish goals by passing them off as selfless. So will jews have our backs. Sure. We should have theirs2

In case you were not sure how Chuck Hagel felt about Israel after his "Jewish lobby" comment: