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Palin Issues a Warning After the Debate: Obama Camp Will Not ‘Go Down Without Swinging’

John147 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 3:26 PM
I thought we've seen the lowest of the lows but after the shellacking that romney gave obama they'll probably accuse Romney of causing Cancer, Global warming, Inflation and unmitigated Racism, Pedophelia, Rape, Fraud, Tax evasion, ..... Help me people.

Discussing the debate last night with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin issued a warning to the American people:  the Obama camp is not going to let Romney take the lead without a fight.

“…these guys in the Obama camp, they’re not going to go down without swinging. They’re going to pull something. "And the American public, with the media's help, these lapdogs in the media, kind of going along with what Obama and his people want to do to shake some things up if Mitt Romney continues to do so well. The American public just needs to be aware...