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Obama Administration Hunts Phantom Classroom Racism

John147 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 7:18 PM
I would love to say that the Fed should set the benchmarks that kids across the nation should be required to pass before advancing but with this fed it would be a bad idea. States need to control what is being taught to their children, what the qualifications are for teachers and what the acceptable minimum performance of teachers and kids should be. They can take their models from countries that consistently perform the best in science, math and engineering. We are a nation that values blogging more than calculating and that won't change until we change the way ppl think. We need to value our scientists, engineers and mathematicians as equally if not more than poets and journalists.
Editors' note: this piece has been adapted from the summer issue of City Journal.

In March 2010, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that his department was “going to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement” in the nation’s schools. What was the pervasive racial injustice that led Mr. Duncan to redouble such efforts? Black elementary and high school students are three and a half times more likely to get suspended or expelled than their white peers, according to federal data.

And so the Departments of Education and Justice have launched a campaign against disproportionate minority discipline rates, which show up in...