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Our immigration policies are the laughing stock of the world. No other nation does what we do because it is completely insane and more importantly , detrimental , to the nation culture, economy and physical health. That doesn't mean we shouldn't accept immigrants but it does mean that we can only accept immigrants who follow the process. The process does NOT need remediation. What needs remediation are eliminating the incentives for illegals to come to america! Take those incentives away and we won't need to build a border fence either. AMNESTY = INSTANT DEMOCRAT voters. Any republican who votes for amnesty is not only a traitor to the nation but a traitor to his party and a self centered fool.
Pols want votes AND make laws. That is the ISSUE with immigration! Somethings should fall to a national referendum. I know that the constitution doesn't support a national referendum and that only states can put something like this to a vote. But even if the states vote for a statewide position on something the feds will just select a liberal judge to vote it down. The peaceful and legal alternatives to resist obama are nonexistent if congress(i.e GOP) doesn't do their jobs!.
The level of arrogance and lawlessness from this administration and the nonexistence of persistence from congress for investige with or without federal cooperation have reached record levels.
Will they do the right thing? Fat chance.
Yeah. And they don't have a backup of the mail server data either. Baloney.
When is the military going to start the trial of bergdahl so we can put the focus back on obamacare!?
You hit the nail on the head! Him and congress are just buying vote for themselves.
Protect young people from the problem tht the government created in the 1st place by making loans easily available that have crushing debt???!!!!! The reason that college is so EXPENSIVE has everything to do with the availability if this money!!!! How about we stop financial "aide" for incoming students and have them serve in the military to get $50k worth of free and clear aide! Tax the rich and the rich classification keeps coming down. Rich = middleclass according to this POC president.
"The executive branch must have the flexibility, among other things, to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers," Obama wrote. I can't believe that all of you haven't heard of Talibastan????!!!!! It's right next to wonderland. Sheesh
It only matters if you're not secure in who YOU are. They(liberals) will accuse you of being racist, homophobic, xenophobic, rich, selfish etc. Who cares. This should only matter to politicians that have no real skills except beeEhssing and perception management. For the rest of us the truth shall set you free as long as ... A) you're not concerned with being politically correct. B) you're not concerned with not worried about being 'liked' by arbitrary persons C) You treat everyone the same regardless of race, creed or sex(that is good for the avg joe/jane and not good for the entitled victims). You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. The facts are the same for everyone.
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