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I am sure obama will find a way to create a law that changes the text to mean federal exchanges again and nobody in congress or scotus will say anything. I'd be nice if we refused to pay our federal taxes BUT most of use work for someone else and they take our taxes out before we get paid! This is a matter of small business owners joining together to defy the irs and everyone else supporting them! Ofcourse they'll have to switch their wealth to hard assests like gold and keep it closeby because oBama will just reach into their accounts and take what he wants if they keep it as electronic wealth! Time for a revolution citizens of america! Now we need to train the officers of this revolution so that they're ready come november elections and the fed and congress don't honor the results.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

John147 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 7:48 PM
A good ole hanging will do nicely too but it will be more our style. Beheading is what our enemies do.
I am also wondering what the national guard will be ordered to do. I hope it means round up the illegals crossing, triage them by country of origin, ship them out on the next c120 to their home nations. He should also deploy the army corps of engineers and start construction of a Double barrier fence. If obama and congress demand what he's doing he should say 'Sue me and find out!'
Perry sounded like a buffoon during the 2012 campaign because he made two fatal mistakes 1) He was overconfident and unprepared. 2) He was drugged up from a back operation he'd had while on the campaign trail. Fast forward 3 yrs and now you see a completely different perry 1) Not overconfident, dotting his i's and crossing his t's. 2) Razor sharp and taking it to obama. 3) Riding the border between Tea party land and RINO county. Personally, I think a Perry/Cruz ticket would be awesome but I am also hopefull that scott walker will make a run for it as well.
So what's the excuse for our boys falling behind in technology CREATION too??!!!! Society telling them they should be metro instead of learning the metric system?!
Russia is serious, it's obama who thinks this is a big joke!
Yes, we're so scared that by changing his schedule he may be prevented from contributing to the golf industry! Aside from being a traitorous louse this president makes slackers look busy!
nonsense. Any church worth it's salt of the earth will keep these books where they belong(in barnes and noble) and not in the church pews or library.
But boehner is suing the administration. We should all be so proud of that level of effort. Sounds a whole lot like obama saying "All the nations of the world are looking towards the U.N. mounting an investigation into the downing of the malaysian airlines flight". States need to take a cue from Perry. This administration including congress is traitorous and worthless.
Boehner and the other RINOs are to whimpy to shutdown the government until obama capitulates. They intentionally respond poorly to the press and to their constituents because they are complicit with obama. We all know at the point that no president can make the same mistake 200 times unless its intentional. Well the same goes for boehner and co. So in the fall you need to elect conservatives plain and simple and send a message to the establishment rino's. Also, States need to take action on their own part and tell the pres and congress "So sue me" if they don't like it. Are you listening Rick Perry?! The governors are within their rights to deploy the police and national guard to the border and have them start implementing the laws and subsequent deportation that the fed refuses to execute. It's not rocket science. Our elected officials just need to want to do the right thing and at this point it means out STATE elected officials!
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Mrs. Obama Declares War on Chick-fil-A

John147 Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 7:21 PM
She can stick that burrito where the sun don't shine.
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