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Federal Judge to Supreme Court: 'STFU'

John147 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 1:32 PM
kopf needs to be toten.
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Guns in the Home

John147 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 5:30 PM
If there are drugs, booze, bad tempers , children or the likelyhood of break ins then please lockup your guns. Why? Because despite your best judgement humans are social animals and the best judgement of our relations cannot be overestimated. I don't know how many times I hear about either a kid shooting another kid by accident, a drunk killing a relative by accident or a drug induced suicide being carried out with a relatives gun. Sure you can't manage EVERY situation but you don't have to. You just have to radically reduce the chance of anything unplanned for happening with your weapons. Just like the saying goes "don't run with scissors" well another saying should be "don't leave your guns exposed and unlocked". That said keep a revolver handy and loaded at all times because that is THE only solution that works when you're half asleep and you have to wake up in the middle of the night. A Semiauto can't have a fully loaded magazine in longterm storage or you'll warp the feed lips or ruin the follower spring. I guess you could always store %66 of its capacity to not ruin the spring but then you'll also have to rack the slide to load the gun etc... I think y'all are starting to get why a revolvers' point and shoot simplicity is so attractive. Also keep a shotgun handy because at least you can use it to go skeet shooting and do something fun and cheap to practice your accuracy. We'll that was my gun 101 lesson for the day
All these child deaths are on their parents and obama's head. He caused this crisis by stating that amnesty was forthcoming, ordering not to deport illegals and offering more benefits to them than ever before. Obama needs to be impeached after 2014 elections if gop takes control of senate. Then existing immigration laws have to be enforced and all these kids and other captured/identified illegals needs to be shipped back . In the longterm it is cheaper to ship them back than to offer them benefits. Finally, whatever benefits illegals enjoy now must be removed or eliminated. You cannot hope to keep people out with a fence or other barriers that have multiple reasons and incentives to want to come in. This is why you need to eliminate ANY benefits for them to come in!!!. It ain't rocket science and the farm corporation on the GOP side and the liberals looking for new democrats are destroying our nation.
Pride in america is a direct reflection of our accomplishments under the president. When you have no accomplishments then how can you be proud? Maybe if you're delusional and a legend in your own mind.
44% say they're not proud to be american because of the unamerican things obama has done that has negatively affected our image, clout and power. 44% say they're not proud because obama hasn't done enough unamerican things to knock us down from our former glory. They won't approve until america is in complete anarchy. 12% can never decide which side to be on anyway.
McConnel can kiss my a***. Remember MISSiSsIPPI !!!
hmmmm. I don't think this guy 'looks' the part. I mean he seems too disheveled and not alert looking. I thinkn they just picked him up off the street , made sure he had no family and said lybia we'll give you xx$ to go with it. Who is this guy and what do we know about him?
Here's to obama's buddies taking a nose dive economically. Cheers!
two in the gut one in the head(well a real bear would be hard to nail that way but obama is about as athletic as barney so it'd probably be doable)
Hmmm Scotus decided to show it's allegience on this one but where were they for ruling the contitutionality of obamacare?! I think scotus libs are seeing the pitchforks and torches outside their offices and are concerned regarding being so liberal.
Exactly, where was this attitude BEFORE cantor was canned?! If he's serious abou this then when will this suit be heard and decided? Before the 2014 elections or way afterwards? Too little too late. He may slime his way back for another 4 yrs with this stunt but at least it makes some others who might have an earnest interest in holding the gov/prez accountable to take this suit all the way.
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