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lmao. Even my mom, who's 78, says the same thing. And she's smart as a whip!!!
ok. But what happened to due process? This he said she said needs to to be vetted during the court case and not trial by public opinion.
Lmao. Because the democrats are just a bunch of traitorous jackasses whose policies have made america the envy of .... what? Get lost you moron.
Ofcourse republicans won't use the power of the purse because they're complicit with the democrats now. Replace these RINO's and Dems with teaparty please. That will be the begining. ALso, write/email/call your state senators and congressmen to organize and exectute article V. We need to clean house in the three branches and it starts by overriding the house!
The constitution only works if all three branches are lead by men of character and morality. Because all three branches lack any character or morality nobody is being held accountable. The checks and balances have been thrown out the window. When the laws aren't being followed or enforced then what you have is ANARCHY! Welcome to anarchy everyone.
Hell yes! The pentagon did not decide to let this guy go without orders from the president! C'mon. What a bogus finding!
How the HELL is this the Pentagon's fault???!!!!! Once again Obama is blaming someone else for his actions. It's really impressive how obama has managed to be a traitor and pathetic at the same time. Unbelievable. How can anyone stomach this POC? ugh
I know that ur a troll cause nobody could this stupid. Really??!!!! Trading a bunch of enemy commanders for 1 deserter?! That was a good deal for the U.S??!!!! Why not also release a bunch of serial killers in exchange for a car thief too! If you honestly think this was a good deal then you have no concept of reality.
I hope Perry comes out of this smelling like a rose and uses the future mugshot to show how conservatives are trying to be silenced at every level.
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The New Republican Party

John147 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 6:27 PM
Ok. We'll I still think the Tea party needs it's own tech guy because the RNC is doing everything it can to deligitemize the Tea party instead of embracing it. I don't think improving the chances of electing a bunch of RINOs is going to fix anything anyway.
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