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Is Demography Destiny?

JOHN1464 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 6:04 AM
Dr. Sowell, I usually agree with most of your articles but not this one. I think Republicans need to be better liars. Most of the electorate is not even close to being informed. President Obama won the election by lying to minorities and women. I think the republicans should do focus groups of the uniformed and how to fool them. The strategy of; if you keep telling a lie often enough people will start to believe it seems to be working for the Democrats because most people do not have a clue.
NewJAl Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 6:55 AM
You cannot do God's business by Satan's methods, even if you believe in neither.
It does not work, never has, and never will, and I could never tell another to lie.
They need to be told to stop the lies.
Russians lied to their kids about Communism, from the kid's birth to adulthood.
When strong enough, the kids tore down the Berlin wall.
I wish some of our kids could meet them.

Some media pundits see in the growing proportion of non-white groups in the population a growing opposition to the Republican Party that will sooner or later make it virtually impossible for Republicans to win presidential elections or even to control either house of Congress. But is demography destiny?

Conventional wisdom in the Republican establishment is that what the GOP needs to do, in order to win black votes or Hispanic votes, is to craft policies specifically targeting these groups. In other words, Republicans need to become more like Democrats.

Whether in a racial context or in other contexts, the...