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Don't Waste Your Medical Mistakes

John1418 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 2:31 PM
Marvin, beta blockers are used to TREAT the physical symptoms of anxiety (like an elevated heart rate, dry mouth, shakiness,/tremors. Many musicians take them before a major performance or audition, and they are often prescribed to individuals with social phobias. In people with heart disease they reduce the risk of sudden death. I hope you consulted your physician before halving your dose.

I’m pretty good about the little things. If I start to slip or trip but then right myself, I’ll say or think, “Thank you, Lord.” But I recently had an opportunity to be thankful about a big thing, and blew it utterly.

The situation was this: Because I had a double bypass five years ago and my blood pressure is on the borderline for medication, a doctor prescribed for me a beta blocker that could bring with it nasty side effects like insomnia and anxiety. Never having had pill problems, I ignored those warnings.

Then a routine medical lab test indicated,...