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Like most Americans you voted on the basis of what candidate Obama said instead of his prior record. Our country would be much better off if a majority of Americans would adopt the axiom that "actions speak louder than words." Including conservatives.
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Two Anti-Choice Parties

John1418 Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 3:11 PM
Abortion harms another person 100% of the time.
Even the more liberal western countries in Europe and Australia are backing off from carbon taxes that impoverish them and make them less competitive with the rest of the world.
Wealthy liberals are hypocrites. They have huge carbon footprints, living in mansions and traveling in huge limos and private jets. They are protected by armed security guards. But they want everyone else to: live in little houses close to their work; drive in tiny, dangerous, uncomfortable cars or take public transportation; and submit to criminals instead of protecting themselves.
I agree with you 110%. Unfortunately many of the "mainstream Republicans also support policies that increase the size of government and reduce individual freedom.
I never believed the birthers, because if Obama was really born in Kenya then the Clintons would have brought to light during the 2008 primaries.
I apologize for my ignorance. I didn't realize that there was a massive influx of poor, uneducated, unskilled, and uninsured Canadians.
Anyone who wants to do business in a blue state must understand that this type of government bullying is the rule and not the exception.
My kid has a number of friends with college degrees living in Silicon Valley. Not one has a full time job. Of those who are employed most are working two part time jobs -- because that is all that is available.
I think Bush had a good heart and really did try to do what's right for the US, but I would not use the term brilliant. His flaws on spending and immigration were not minor. In terms of courage he should have had the guts to use the power of the veto after Democrats took over the Senate in 2006.
Hitler increased taxes and regulations, had the national government tell local schools what to teach (including ideology), instituted crony capitalism, took control of auto companies and healthcare, and got the people riled up about how some racial groups were doing much better that others. An honest Venn diagram would have Obama overlapping with Hitler a lot -- probably more than any other president in US history.
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