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ObamaCare Is Pro-Market Like the Berlin Wall Was Pro-Migrant

John1324 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 10:08 PM
East Germany claimed they built the wall to keep West Berliners from crossing over and taking jobs in East Berlin. When in reality there were many people who lived in East Berlin, but worked in West Berlin, because there were more, better paying jobs there. When costs of living in the East Berlin outweighed the benefits people moved to West Berlin. Since East Germany was losing their best people they built the wall.
Today’s New York Times features an opinion piece by J.D. Kleinke of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Kleinke’s thesis is that ObamaCare’s conservative opponents should stop complaining. “ObamaCare is based on conservative, not liberal, ideas.”

If one defines conservative ideas as those that emphasize free markets and personal responsibility, there is zero truth to this claim.

  • Free markets require freedom, like the freedom to control your own property, to enter markets, and to negotiate prices and other contractual terms. ObamaCare mandates how people must dispose of their property, imposes tremendous barriers to entry into markets, and imposes price controls and myriad other terms...
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