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John Roberts Is a Super-Taxer

John1171 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 7:01 AM
What Washington needs desperately to understand about desperate people is that, when there is nothing to live for there is nothing to lose. Why do they think people violate the border of the U.S. to come here illegally and live illegally? In order that they can enjoy the benefits of American society living illegally. Washington wants to make the people who engage in this kind of activity legal so they can join taxpaying citizens in paying for the expenses of corruption and illegality. They need to consider what a desperate citizenry, armed to the teeth, has the capability of doing to their sense of civil well-being when it has no alternative but to change government by force.

In the hours following the Supreme Court’s decision to ratify Obamacare, Romney got $4.6 million in donations from 47,000 individuals. The tide is with him. The Supreme’s are a game changer.

But Romney has to make the case. He needs to link the anemic jobs and economic situation to the Obamacare tax, spend, and regulate fiscal drag. And he has to add to that mix the dangers to our freedoms embodied in Justice John Roberts’s expansion of the power to tax our personal behavior.

Scott Rasmussen says the idea of Obamacare repeal has held steady at around 54 percent ever...