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The fact is that they got elected for "hope and change" a la Princeton/Harvard. Anyone who was not aware that skin color is not a qualification for public office is definitely living in the "dark ages." Come to think of it, it is not a reason to keep a person in office, especially if that is their only qualification or what got them there in the fist place!
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It’s Time To Kill The ‘Lame Duck’

John1171 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 6:44 AM
As the nation has gone from being a principally Christian, "moral majority" to being a multi-cultural diversity which is divided over very basic concepts of morality and ethics, it has become less and less representable (as contrasted with "representative"). Policies do not represent the will or consensus of a majority of the people and even the constitutionally-prescribed system of enacting bills into laws, the legislative process, has been bypassed by a minority president in favoring greater minority perspectives which disregard established, legal processes. The fact that the national debt has more than doubled during this administration is a simple reminder of the fact of the lack of moral and ethical values necessary for a sensible and realistic perspective on governance. It takes no brains to organize a mob to overthrow the rule of law. It takes less than that to "do it yourself." It does take a criminal to do it.
I have yet to figure out why the Director of Central Intelligence has not appointed Pelosi to be head of Counter-Intelligence at the CIA. The woman is truly a "natural."
It is difficult to get the sense that revenge has been sweet for America. Indeed, I don't think it has. My opinion has not changed in 13 years. Bush should have announced a total moratorium on all immigration, sealed the Southern border by stationing troops along it, secured our ports of entry and stopped all tourism, all trade, all shipping and all airline flights to and from all Muslim nations and simply issued an ultimatum for them to get their internal situations in order, stop all financing and training and exportation of terrorists, cut diplomatic relations, as necessary, and given them the opportunity to self-determine without shedding one more drop of American blood. We now know that this problem with Muslims is going to go on ad infinitum ad nauseum. We have already attained the "ad nauseum" portion.
It is true that love is the greatest rebuke to the ultimate hate crime.
Not surprising. About all he has done is to prove that his golf score is higher than his I.Q.
The House UnAmerican Activities Committee should NEVER have been discontinued anyway. Such a measure as this is essential to national security. Although Americans have always enjoyed the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances and to protest and demonstrate against specific, national policies, people do not have the right to take up arms with another country or foreign entity against the United States, there has to be a consequence and a punitive measure which those who commit treason suffer. Congress needs to pass this bill and the president needs to sign it into law.
Given the knowable facts about the president, other than the reasons so frequently given for his disregard for the Constitution and his desire for some kind of fundamental transformation of the American system, is he even claiming to be an American citizen or did he want to be president? He is not making things better, if polls are any indication and he is apparently now going to get the legal attention he so rightly deserves.
It is the liberal defense of the right and practice to be wrong which is the greatest danger to the future of the country. Laws exist because of the character of human nature. Organized crime and systemic and systematic corruption exist because advantage is gained in gaming the system, betting that human nature will opt for advantage rather than equal justice and opportunity by respect for the law and the order which it is designed to afford. Dealing with the government, the military services or the VA requires a recognition of the character of human nature in a secular-humanist context that is different from a personal, familial or religious context. Again, it is basic moral and ethical principles which are violated and which violation creates victims, a parallel of causal policy and effective consequence having far too high a premium!
If inexperience has been a trademark of this administration, it will facilitate its goal of ruining the country. They are certainly on a roll.
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