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Given the knowable facts about the president, other than the reasons so frequently given for his disregard for the Constitution and his desire for some kind of fundamental transformation of the American system, is he even claiming to be an American citizen or did he want to be president? He is not making things better, if polls are any indication and he is apparently now going to get the legal attention he so rightly deserves.
It is the liberal defense of the right and practice to be wrong which is the greatest danger to the future of the country. Laws exist because of the character of human nature. Organized crime and systemic and systematic corruption exist because advantage is gained in gaming the system, betting that human nature will opt for advantage rather than equal justice and opportunity by respect for the law and the order which it is designed to afford. Dealing with the government, the military services or the VA requires a recognition of the character of human nature in a secular-humanist context that is different from a personal, familial or religious context. Again, it is basic moral and ethical principles which are violated and which violation creates victims, a parallel of causal policy and effective consequence having far too high a premium!
If inexperience has been a trademark of this administration, it will facilitate its goal of ruining the country. They are certainly on a roll.
I much prefer to believe that he is a corrupt, conniving liberal than that he is a myopic, doddering, old fool. Neither, however, is an enviable position or characterization.
You have to give liberal democrats a lot of credit. They use every trick in the book from distortion to outright deceit to get what they want. They are protecting their right to choose and their freedom of choice. The rest of us watch in shock and awe as they ruin the country and get rich at the same time.
This program is far less offensive and invasive than the TSA searches at airports, or the entrance procedures at government building where a man must remove the contents of his pockets and the belt from his pants and place them in a basket to be inspected by a police or security officer. In searching for the proverbial "needle in a haystack," profiling is an obvious necessity, regardless of how offensive the idea of that kind of discrimination is to politicians. Since, as classified programs, the details of these things are never known to the public, only those who are actually guilty of wrongdoing are going to be the targets of the government prosecutors, anyway. If you are a wrongdoer, you ought to fear the government! They do not bear the sword in vain!
We also know that, in the violence of the overthrown of the previous leader of the country and its aftermath, had we waited before establishing any kind of diplomatic relations and had not had people on the ground, the Libyan transition to some form of government, representative of the popular struggle within that country, would have come about without any loss of American lives. The right to self-determination is something that needs to be honored, regardless of what interested parties in Washington think. When other countries look at the U.S. and see and hear the very frequent gridlock and disfunction of a government which is burdened by the cost of a basic lack of commonality due to the diverse beliefs of its citizens, they can not help but be convinced of the necessity of such commonality in beliefs. As long as the U.S. is caught in circumstances where some pluralistic interest is a justification for intervention, we risk the cost of it.
My thought processes, actions and social interaction have never been so determined by TV programming that the irresistible temptation rendered me handicapped. The advantage of digital TV in the country is that the signal is frequently so dissatisfying (the patchwork quilt syndrome) as compared to analog that, coupled with the inane content of most, current programs, there is little motivation to give more than a cursory run-through of the various channel offerings to see if somehow, though I least expect it, someone with a degree of sanity has perceived the need to revert to the idealism of the 50s, 60s and 70s. I have had my fill of bodies being dissected, minds being analyzed and crimes being committed. Reality TV sucks, to put it blun
Look at it this way. Not knowing and not having the need to know, we can't even assume that, given the wisdom and ways of the professionals in the military there is any truth to this whole thing. What can be proved? The factors which create conditions which necessitate treatment, medically, are borne of the atmosphere. Some people react differently from others. Some smokers smoke all their lives and never get cancer. Others can not. Mortifying the flesh is a matter of personal choice and there is no standardized way to do it. "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."
Maybe it is just a story for the media to publish and make money with. If the conclusion is that it is not an intelligence matter, does it require more or less intelligence to keep it personal and private rather than very public? If personal and private equated to "secret" or "confidential" are these simply matters of personal choice related to discretion? People are victims of discretion all the time.
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