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There is a difference between intelligence and being informed by it. Recent administrations have demonstrated the truth of this fact to an astonishing degree, at times. "What good is all that information if you can't or won't use it" because you are so politically and personally motivated that you will not do what is best for the nation? It is economically beneficial to treat the symptoms of a problem rather than to deal with or eliminate the cause of that problem. Until we value principle over principal, our interest will be misplaced and we will voluntarily disregard intelligence to promote liberal stupidity.
If they were not extremists, they would not have a "legitimate grievance." Why can't they be normal people and get jobs in their home countries? The fact is that it is naive to think that people join military-type organizations because they have nothing else to do. America has enough jobs for anyone who wants one and people join the military despite this fact. In America, people join the military because they have a perception that our country usually takes the moral high road and that Commanders-in-Chief will only order them into situations where the moral high road is the justification for doing so. Extremists have no "legitimate grievance" except as their beliefs differ from the beliefs of those whom they consider to be enemies of that which they believe. it is that simple! People are extremist because they have been taught extremism. This is a factual aspect of Islam whether Obama wants to admit it or not. It is not a "legitimate grievance." From a Christian perspective, it is not even a legitimate religion. It is antithetical to our Judeo-Christian heritage and any attempt to portray it as a legitimate alternative on an equal footing with Judeo-Christianity is utter nonsense.
This is, of course, a singular example of the highest level of a "woman's right to choose......" whether or not to abort. It must be simply agonizing.
This really begs the question of what exactly does the president mean when he says "we are a country of the rule of law?" What and whose law? He pays lip-service to the concept, but, like "having a form of godliness, denies the power thereof." Are we to assume that he couldn't enforce the law if or because he wanted to?
The fact is that they got elected for "hope and change" a la Princeton/Harvard. Anyone who was not aware that skin color is not a qualification for public office is definitely living in the "dark ages." Come to think of it, it is not a reason to keep a person in office, especially if that is their only qualification or what got them there in the fist place!
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It’s Time To Kill The ‘Lame Duck’

John1171 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 6:44 AM
As the nation has gone from being a principally Christian, "moral majority" to being a multi-cultural diversity which is divided over very basic concepts of morality and ethics, it has become less and less representable (as contrasted with "representative"). Policies do not represent the will or consensus of a majority of the people and even the constitutionally-prescribed system of enacting bills into laws, the legislative process, has been bypassed by a minority president in favoring greater minority perspectives which disregard established, legal processes. The fact that the national debt has more than doubled during this administration is a simple reminder of the fact of the lack of moral and ethical values necessary for a sensible and realistic perspective on governance. It takes no brains to organize a mob to overthrow the rule of law. It takes less than that to "do it yourself." It does take a criminal to do it.
I have yet to figure out why the Director of Central Intelligence has not appointed Pelosi to be head of Counter-Intelligence at the CIA. The woman is truly a "natural."
It is difficult to get the sense that revenge has been sweet for America. Indeed, I don't think it has. My opinion has not changed in 13 years. Bush should have announced a total moratorium on all immigration, sealed the Southern border by stationing troops along it, secured our ports of entry and stopped all tourism, all trade, all shipping and all airline flights to and from all Muslim nations and simply issued an ultimatum for them to get their internal situations in order, stop all financing and training and exportation of terrorists, cut diplomatic relations, as necessary, and given them the opportunity to self-determine without shedding one more drop of American blood. We now know that this problem with Muslims is going to go on ad infinitum ad nauseum. We have already attained the "ad nauseum" portion.
It is true that love is the greatest rebuke to the ultimate hate crime.
Not surprising. About all he has done is to prove that his golf score is higher than his I.Q.
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