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Push the Fed Over the Cliff

John112 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 12:02 PM
Protecting the people from debt and overspending should be our goal Remember, this fiscal cliff was only created when Congress failed to create a plan to address the debt crisis. So, getting back to the most important fiscal problem, we must fix THE DEBT that is both unsustainable and is leading us into DEFAULT and global economic collapse as we continue to borrow. It is clear that, in terms of debt risk, ceilings hikes are never good, in fact, they only raise the risk of default, increase the cost of debt and accelerate the path to inevitable default. If you understand this distinction, then you must recognize that “unsustainable debt” must be ENDED in order to prevent debt from regrowing after partial reductions are used.

Stop worrying about the ‘fiscal cliff.’ Spending cuts would feel therapeutic after watching Standard & Poor's and Egan-Jones downgrade our credit rating and seeing President Obama add $6 trillion to the national debt. The way to avert another recession and massive inflation is to eliminate the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

There are two ways for politicians to “pay” for their spending. They can be transparent and raise taxes extremely high across all income levels. (This is not happening because politicians know Americans would riot.) Or, they can be sneaky and “monetize the debt,” which means allowing the Federal Reserve to print money...